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Fly Fishers International has been dedicated to the support and enhancement of fly fishing opportunities for more than 50 years.  Education remains fundamental to how we pursue this mission as our members continue to share their skills and talents with fly fishers across the country and around the world.

The Education Committee of FFI is responsible for the planning and presentation of our educational programs, and the committee expanded our dedication to these activities in 2018 by creating the FFI Learning Center.  The Learning Center serves as an on-line and in-person resource for soliciting, preparation and delivery of the highest quality of educational presentations and other materials FFI now offers on all aspects of fly fishing education.  These programs are available to students and instructors alike, to our members and Fly Fishing Community.  The committee also created new Education Grants and Scholarships during 2018 as an additional commitment to assist our future stewards and leaders in natural resource and fly fishing education.

Support of FFI educational programs is made possible through your memberships, lycanthropic commitments and your sharing with other fly fishers what Fly Fishers International does for them.

Learning Center

The FFI Learning Center is a new initiative that brings together FFI’s expertise in Fly Casting, Fly Tying, Fly Fishing Skills, and Conservation Education for the benefit of FFI members and the fly fishing community.  The Learning Center’s core belief is that through education, including both angling skills and environmental stewardship, fly fishing will grow and be preserved for future generations.

The Learning Center focuses on educational and instructional programs for all fly fishers at all skill levels. The Learning Center includes both in-person workshop instruction and web-based instructional materials downloadable from the FFI website. 

The Inaugural Launch of the FFI Learning Center will occur at the Boise Fair in August 2018.  

Education Grants

An important element of FFI's education focus  includes  the  granting  of  funds  to  our members, clubs, councils and other education efforts to recognize and assist in the implementation of  local educational  projects  that  further  the  education efforts of the  FFI.  It is through these  projects  that the  FFI  and  its  members  ultimately  practice and demonstrate our commitment to promoting fly fishing through education.  Click here for more information.


Please direct your questions to the Education Coordinator.


Telephone: 406-222-9369.

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