Annual Report Filing
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File Your Annual Report

Councils and Charter Clubs Required to File Annual Report

Every year Councils and Charter Clubs of FFI are required to file an annual report with FFI that includes financial information as well as information about activities during the previous year.  As a result of the information provided to FFI, HQ files the annual tax return with the Internal Revenue Service to ensure that the filing requirement is met and that the group administered by FFI is in compliance with federal filings.  FFI also files state returns in Oregon and California.  If the Council or Club is located in another state, state filings are handled at the local level.


Councils are required to file a comprehensive report to be included in the group return 990 that is prepared by FFI's accounting firm.  The report includes a detailed accounting of income, expenses, and assets, along with a list of board members and contributions or grants (given and received) over $5,000.

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Charter Clubs

Charter Clubs have two options for filing an annual report.  If the club only needs a 990N (postcard) filing with IRS, the club can file an abbreviated report with FFI.  If the club wants/needs to be a part of the group return 990, which is prepared by FFI's accounting firm, then a comprehensive filing is required.  Clubs located in Oregon and California are required to be part of the group return because of the additional requirements in those states.  To get details on both types of returns, click below.

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