Climate Change
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Climate Change
It's A Global Issue

Climate Change

Our knowledge and understanding of climate change and its causes and effects on the natural world continue to evolve. This is the nature of scientific inquiry. However, there is now clear consensus within the scientific community that climate change is real, change is occurring at rates that exceed those of history, and human-caused carbon emissions into the atmosphere are contributing to this accelerated rate of global climate change.2

Climate change has always been a part of the evolution of our natural world, but natural rates of change occurred in magnitudes of geologic time. It is now recognized conclusively that the earth’s climate is warming at rates that can be measured from one decade to another. It further is understood that this warming is being accelerated by human activities; particularly significant increases in carbon dioxide emissions that accumulate as “greenhouse gases”.3

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration reports that the impact of climate change and warming is seen in rising temperatures across the globe, the   warming of the world’s oceans, the shrinking of the polar ice sheets and glaciers, decreased snow cover, rising sea levels, increasing frequency of extreme weather events, and ocean acidification, among others.4

We invite you to read the entire policy that includes the references sited above to get a full understading on FFI's position on climate change.

Read FFI's Policy on Climate Change

FFI's Actions

  • 7/20/2023 - USDA/Forest Service – Submittal of public comments by FFI and partners regarding proposed rulemaking to support “Climate Resilience and Carbon Stewardship of National Forest and Grasslands”. 
  • 7/19/2023 – USDA/Forest Service – Submittal of public comments regarding proposed rulemaking to support “Climate Resilience and Carbon Stewardship of National Forest and Grasslands”.  
  • 3/1/2023 – Bureau of Land Management – Public comments regarding development of a Programmatic EIS to evaluate Solar Energy Planning for an amended Resource management Plan for Renewable Energy Development on BLM lands. 
  • 04/29/2022 – Letter to USDOT – Response to “Request for Information” providing recommendations regarding investments and use of nature-based solutions that include conservation of natural landscapes to upgrade the Nation’s transportation infrastructure and provide solution to flooding and storm damages.  Recommendations include conserving and protecting natural landscapes such as flood plains, wetlands, forests and grasslands as much more climate resilient, cost-effective and achievable solutions to infrastructure needs.
  • ​04/01/2022 – U.S. Senate and House Leadership – Formal recommendations regarding conservation of coastal and ocean ecosystems as fish and wildlife habitat, further solution to carbon sequestration, accelerated effects of ocean acidification and the importance of these actions to a vast outdoor recreation economy. 
  • 7/7/20 - Climate Change - Signed on to TRCP Climate Change statement going to Congress. Exact date upon which the letter is to be sent is yet to be determined.

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