FFI1K Donor Program
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Become a 1000 Stewards of FFI


You have a unique opportunity to invest in the sport you love. 

The FFI 1K program was created to inspire donors to contribute to a sustainable source of funding that makes it possible for FFI to foster the legacy and future of fly fishing. Members of this program signify their commitment to the sport they love by supporting FFI with a $2,500 gift and represents the foundation of FFI’s major giving program.


REQUIRED -- By checking this box below you are pledging a donation to FFI totaling $2500, to be paid now as a lump sum, or once a year over a 5-year period. This requires a monthly, annual or one-time payment. By doing so, you will become a member of FFI1K, and we thank you!





The funds raised by the FFI1K are vital to providing a solid foundation on which to continue to grow and expand our mission and to support:

-Spearheading projects that improve our fisheries and protect our fishing opportunities

-The FFI Learning Center’s wealth of fly fishing knowledge and resources

-Camaraderie among anglers built at our annual Expo and other events


Join the FFI1K Now — Fill out the form below OR click here to download form and mail with a check.





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