Conservation Partners
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Conservation Partners


Fly Fishers International has a program whereby conservation groups can become a partner or affiliate of the organization. 

FFI Conservation Partners

Conservation Partnerships may be entered into as formal collaborations with regional, national and/or international organizations or businesses (Conservation Partners) who share mutual natural resource conservation goals and philosophies with Fly Fishers International (FFI).  The organization or business will be designated a Conservation Partner and each partnership will be posted on the FFI Conservation Partner webpage with corresponding links and announced on respective social media venues.

The purpose of forming Conservation Partnerships shall be to formally recognize and acknowledge shared conservation commitments on behalf of respective members, customers and community and to establish communication necessary to collaborate towards achievement of mutual conservation goals as partners.  Candidate Conservation Partners may be organizations who serve member interests in any form of outdoor recreation and/or enjoyment and/or business engaged in providing products or services to customers who enjoy the out of doors and are committed to the philosophy that healthy natural landscapes are essential to our own enjoyment and quality of life.

Partnership Application

Conservation Partnership Application (Fillable PDF to download and print) 

Approval of each Conservation Partnership Application (Application) will be made by the FFI Chairman of the Board and President and CEO upon recommendation by the Board Conservation Committee.  The Application will include statements describing the mutual conservation goals and benefits of the Partnership and serve upon approval/signature as formal agreement of the Partnership.

Current Partners


Coral Gables, FL



Champaign, IL



Fisheries Resource Volunteer Corps


Idaho Conservation League

Sandpoint, ID




Keep Fish Wet

Amhurst, MA



San Gabriel River

Glendora, CA  91741


Seattle & Spokane, WA
Portland, OR


Single Hooks
United Kingdom