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Conserving Resources for
for All Fish, All Waters

Conservation Grants Program Helps Local Communities

An FFI grant provided funds to Wild Steelhead Coalition & Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club for the purchase of 8 acres of private land to open public access to Grande Ronde river front.


Apply for a Grant

Applications are Accepted Year Round

Conservation is one of the founding principles of the Fly Fishers International. Contributing over 50 years of conservation work, FFI is proud to continue protecting our fisheries and angling opportunities for the future.  While FFI focuses on providing grants to its clubs and councils, grants from outside organzations will be considered as well.

Requirements of Grant Applicants & Guidelines of the Program

  • Describe and quantify the problem and need
  • Describe and quantify the anticipated solutions
  • Describe and quantify the anticipated benefits
  • Detailed budget information
  • Names of other organizations/agencies providing funding and amount  they are providing.
  • Maximum award will be $3,000
  • Club or organization must receive the endorsement of the Council prior to submitting an application


Grant Proposal Guidelines (PDF)

Grant Application Form (fillable PDF)

Please note:  You must DOWNLOAD the form in order to use the "fillable" form fields.  The fields will not respond if you do not download it and save it to your computer. The download icon (paper with down arrow on top)  in normally in the upper right corner of the page just below the URL address bar.


Conservation Projects Funded Through the Grant Program


Council Club/Sponsor Project
Western Rocky Mountain Greater Yellowstone Coalition Conservation of cutthroat trout in Crandell Creek 
Eastern Rocky Mountain Pueblo Tailwater Renegades Maintain and improve in-stream habitat in the upper portion of the Pueblo tailwater
Great Lakes Conservation Resource Alliance River bank stabilization along railroad track


Council Club/Sponsor Project
Eastern Rocky Mountain Arizona Flycasters Club Restoration of fishing poind at the R-C Scout Ranch, a camp operated by BSA Scouting Grand Canyon Council (GCC) in Gila County, Arizona.
Oregon Pacific Rivers Youth-driven research program on the world famous steelhead trout population of the North Umpqua River in Douglas County, Oregon
ALL Keep Fish Wet Assist with educational video to instruct fishers how to keep fish wet
Washington Wenatchee Valley Fly Fishers Monitoring Equipment for Upper Icicle and Entiat Rivers
Great Lakes Conservation Resource Alliance Reduce sediment transport causing habitat decline in a section of the Pine River by using fieldstone, boulders, and large wood to stabilize steep eroding bluffs while enhancing aquatic biota habitat.
Western Rocky Mountain Boise Valley Fly Fishers Gravel augmentation to a side-channel of the Boise River having good habitat for spawning trout.
ALL Osprey Steelhead Journal FFI funding for Osprey journal.


Council Club/Sponsor Project
Oregon Friends of the Greensprings & Rogue Fly Fishers Upper Rogue Monitoring Equipment
Washington State Wild Steelhead Coalition & Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club Grande Ronde Conservation Easement Purchase
Great Lakes  Pere Marquette Watershed Council Pere Marquette Railroad Embankment Restoration
Southwest Sespe Fly Fishers Steelhead Habitat Restoration-Ventura River
Texas Texas Council Llano River Restoration


Council Club/Sponsor Project
Oregon McKenzie Watershed Council Salmon Watch
Western Rocky Mountain Conservation Hawks Film "In the Heart of the Rockies"
International Waterkeeper Alliance - NY Karnali River Expedition-Nepal River Conservation Trust
Great Lakes Trout Unlimited Boswell Creek Restoration/Urka Dam Removal
Eastern Rocky Mountain Eastern Rocky Mountain Council Big Thompson River Learning Station


Council Club/Sponsor Project
Conservation Committee Steelhead Committee Publication of report Wild Pacific Salmon: A Threatened Legacy.  Click here to read report.
International Turneffe Atoll Trust
Saltwater Committee
Sponsor of a meeting in Belize City to bring together the key stakeholders of the Turneffe.  The objective is to build a coalition and educate people about conserving habitats.
Ohio Ohio Council Mad River CleanSweeps 2017, annual river cleanup
Oregon Central Oregon Fly Fishers Improvements at a previous fish hatchery in order to turn into a spring creek acclimation an youth angling pond.
Western Rocky Mountain USFS Funds to assist in acquiring private property that adjoins national forest area.  The project will provide public access to a pristine fishing creek not previously available.


Council Club/Sponsor Project
FLC University of Miami, Shark Research & Conservation Program Evaluating Capture Stress of Peacock Bass (Cichla ocellaris) In Response to Fly Angling
GLC Anglers of the AuSable Grayling Fish Farm Permit Opposition
NCC Putah Creek Trout Putah Creek Trout Restoration Project
NEC Margaree Salmon Association Margaree Watershed Salmonid Enhancement Project 
SWC Golden State Flycasters/TU Chapter 920 Relic Trout DNA Study
SWC San Diego Fly Fishers Bio-assessment of Nine Mile Creek
WSC Wenatchee Fly Fishers Peshastin Mill Waterfront
SWC SPFF Foundation Lahontan Cutthroat Trout Recovery Project 2016
UMWC University of Wisconsin DNA Study-Relic Brook Trout Search in Remote WI Spring Ponds
GLC Conservation Resource Alliance Syers Lake Dam Removal
NCC Northern California Council Smith River Fisheries Management Plan
ORC Klamath Country Fly Casters Five-Mile Creek In-Stream Habitat Restoration


Council Club / Sponsor Project
ORC McKenzie Watershed Council Salmon Watch - an educational program to teach junior high and high school students about the life cycle of a salmon.
SWC Sierra Pacific Fly Fishers Lahontan Cutthroat Recovery Program at Silver Creek in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.
 UMWC University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point DNA study of the brook trout in remote spring ponds in Wisconsin.  Looking for a particular DNA that will relate to relic brook trout.
 WRMC Big Horn River Alliance Mulherin Creek fish screen and fluvial Yellowstone cutthroat trout conservation.
 WSC Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife Study of cutthroat trout movement and patterns in Puget Sound.
SWC Golden State Flycasters - TU Non-native aquatic species removal in Santa Margarita River
SWC Sespe Fly Fishers Ventura River Watershed Project Improvements
WRMC Big Horn Alliance Mulherin Creek Fish Screen & Fluvial Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout Conservation
WRMC Snake River Cutthroats Sheep Creek Willow planting Project


Council Club / Sponsor Project
GLC  Conservation Resource Alliance Little Manistee River Restoration
NEC  Sea Run Brook Trout Coalition   Sea Run Brook Trout Study  
NCC  Sac Sierra TU   Embrace a Stream - Secret Ravine
ORC  Deschutes River Alliance  Deschutes River Study  
SWC  San Diego Fly Fishers  Chollas Lake / Kids Fishing 
SWC  Sespe Fly Fishers  Steelhead Preserve  
WAC   American Fisheries Society  Special Conference on Cutthroat  
GLC  Anglers of Au Sable  Brook Trout Study
GCC   Eastern Shore Fly Fishers   Moblie Bay Fishing Reef Project 
ORC   Klamath Country Fly Casters Williamson River Riparian Restoration
TXC  Austin Fly Fishers Kyle Lake Project


Council Club / Sponsor Project Title 
GLC Conservation Resource Alliance Maple River Woody Debris Improvement
ORC Water Watch / Rogue River Fly Fishers Fielder and Wimer Dam Removal
SWC Deep Creek Fly Fishers Lohontan Cutthroat Habitat Enhancement
International Foundation VBC Geul River Study
WRMC North Idaho Fly Casters North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River Access
ERMC White Mountain Fly Fishing Club Silver Creek
FLC Florida Big Bend Fly Fishers Piney Z Lake Fish Habitat Restoration
NEC Virginia Institute of Marine Science Aquatic Animal Disease Research
NEC Wild Trout Flyrodders / FUDR Sands Creek
ORC Klamath Country Fly Casters Fish Passage on North Fork Sprague River
SWC Sespe Fly Fishers Riparian Restoration
SWC Sierra Pacific Fly Fishers Rindge Dam Removal
SWC Southern Sierra Fly Fishers Kern River Rainbow Project
WRMC Boise Valley Fly Fishers Boise River Access


Council Club / Sponsor Project Title
NEC Virginia Institute of Marine Science Striped Bass Research Project Intern
UMWC UMWC WI Spring Creek Brook Trout DNA Identification
SOC Ozark Fly Fishers Mill Creek Stream Restoration
Florida Stuart Flyrodders Club Hobe Sound Nature Center Conservation Education Program
SWC Southern Sierra Fly Fishers Kern River Signage Project
International   Danube Salmon Monitoring and Restoration on the Drina River in Serbia
National Cumberland Valley TU/FFF Yellow Breeches Creek Access Improvements
ERMC ERMC Lake Trout Removal from Yellowstone Lake
NEC Wild Trout Flyrodders Upper Deleware Watershed Fracking Fluid Monitoring
ORC Rogue Fly Fishers Medford STP Outfall: Micro and Algae Impact Study
GLC Pere Marquette Watershed Council Big South Branch Riffle Restoration
SWC Aguabonita Flyfishers Hot Creek Kiosk
SWC Sierra Pacific Fly Fishers Bullfrog population control in Piru Creek
SWC Sespe Fly Fishers Ventura River Restoration


Council Club / Sponsor Project Title
NEC Wild Trout Flyrodders Tomannex Boulder Cluster Project
ERMC Gunnison Gorge Anglers Gunnison River Relief Ditch Project
Florida Florida Council Conservation Kiosk
WAC WAC Chambers Creek Sign Project
WRMC North Idaho Fly Casters Steamboat Pond Access Improvement
GLC St. Joseph River Valley FF Club McCoy Creek Watershed
WRMC South Idaho Fly Fishers Edson Fitchter Community Pond Prjocect
NEC  NEC Tomannex Boulder Project
SEC Triangle Fly Fishers Triangle Fly Fishers Eno Adopt A River
Southern Flatland Fly Fishers Slough Creek Restoration
Oregon Bear Creek Watershed Council Larson Creek Signage
WAC Northwest Wild Fish Rescue Lewis River Restoration
SWC Aguabonita Flyfishers Hot Creek Kiosk
NEC Wild Trout Flyrodders NYSDEC Gannett Fishing Access Purchase
SWC Wilderness Fly Fishers Malibu Creek Steelhead Recover: Crayfish Removal Project
GLC Anglers of the AuSable Temperature Monitoring Project
SWC Sespe Fly Fishers Steelhead Habitat Restoration
SWC Sierra Pacific Fly Fishers Golden Trout Climate Change Study
SWC Sierra Pacific Fly Fishers Malibu Creek: Crayfish Removal Project
SWC San Diego Fly Fishers Nine Mile Creek- Golden Trout Wilderness Bio-assessment
SEC SEC GSNP Intern - Brook trout removal
ORC Klamath Country Fly Casters Williamson River Riparian Restoration
TXC Austin Fly Fishers Kyle Lake Project
GCC Eastern Shore Fly Fishers Moblie Bay Fishing Reef Project
GLC Anglers of Au Sable Brook Trout Study

Donate to the Program

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