Conservation Legislation
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Conservation Legislation

Conservation Legislation

Environmental laws provide regulatory tools essential to assure that natural resource management needs are properly met across diverse ownerships, jurisdictional authorities and management agencies.  They provide legal protections, budgets and assignment of management responsibilities on the public behalf.  It is critical that lawmakers remain informed and aware of the tremendous ecological, recreational and economic values of our natural lands and waters and demand that best science and biologically sound management practices guide legislative decision making.

An important provision in environmental legislation is that public review and comment be included in the making of laws, rules and regulations.  This opportunity to voice opinion is a very important responsibility that FFI embraces with our Conservation Partners so that key laws (including the Clean Water Protection Act and Endangered Species Act) continue to provide the hard earned protections that are essential to the health of our streams, lakes, wetlands and other natural landscapes across this country.


FFI's Actions

  • 11/16/2021 – US House Natural Resource Committee – Letter to Representatives Dingell and Mast supporting introduction of the Forage Fish Conservation Act, which will provide mandate and necessary provisions for science-based management of marine forage fishes.
  • 10/13/2021 – DOI, DOA, DOC and COEQ – Letter to the Biden Administration from the “Hunt & Fish 30x30 Initiative” providing recommendations for inclusion in the Administration’s “Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful 2021” report and in support of enhanced conservation delivery in the United States as example to global leaders towards preserving 30% of the planet’s lands and waters by 2030.
  • 5/20/21 -  Letters to House and Senate Leadership requesting support for inclusion of critical conservation measures in forthcoming infrastructure investment and job creation legislation.
  • 4/12/21 - Congressman Simpson's Snake River Proposal - signed on to letter to the NW congressional delegations asking for their leadership in restoring salmon to the Columbia River Basin by working with Congressman Mike Simpson to refine and advance his proposal that would breach the four lower Snake River dams, while simultaneously taking care of communities, irrigators, shippers, and power generation.
  • 11/10/20 - Offshore Act and Coastal Act - Signed on to letter to United States House and Senate Leadership to provide written support of important provisions of the Offshore Act and Coastal Act.
  • 9/30/20 - Blue Carbon for Our Planet Act - Signed on to letters to Senators Murkowski and Whitehouse and Representatives Bonamici and Posey supporting the Blue Carbon for Our Planet Act.
  • 8/14/20 -Water Resources Development Act - Joint Natural Infrastructure WRDA Conference Process Letter
  • 5/20/20 - Americas Conservation Enhancement Act (ACE) and Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA) - Signed onto a TRCP letter to Congressional leadership to express our strong support for both the America s Conservation Enhancement Act (ACE) and the Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA).  FFI supported inclusion of both bills in a future COVID supplemental bill or enactment under regular order.
  • 3/30/20 - Great American Outdoors Act - Signed on to a TRCP letter to Members of Congress supporting passage and enactment of S. 3422 which would help ensure funding for recreational infrastructure.
  • 3/10/20 - National Environmental Policy Act -  Sign on to Water Protection Network letter calling for maintenance of current regulations specified in NEPA.
  • 2/27/20 - U.S. Forest Service Funding - Signed onto a TRCP letter to Senate Appropriation Committee leadership encouraging sufficient funding for the Forest Service budget depleted by fire suppression.
  • 1/23/20 - America’s Conservation Enhancement Act (HR 925) - Sign on TRCP letter to House Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader McCarthy supporting HR 925, America’s Conservation Enhancement Act.
  • 1/10/20 - S. 3051, America’s Conservation Enhancement Act - Sign on to a TRCP letter to Senators Barrasso and Carper, Committee on Environment & Public Works, expressing support for introduction and passage of S. 3051, America’s Conservation Enhancement Act. S. 3051 includes an array of priority conservation provisions.
  • 10/21/19 - Clean Water Act - TRCP sign on in opposition to the agency’s proposal to make changes to the rules governing states’ and tribes’ Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 401 water quality certification process.
  • 10/21/19 - Advancing Conservation and Education Act - TRCP sign on letter to House Natural Resources Chair requesting a hearing in the House Natural Resources Committee regarding H.R. 244, the “Advancing Conservation and Education Act.”
  • 9/12/19 - Clean Water Act - TRCP issues a major press release on roll backs of the Clean Water Regulations. A quote from Patrick Berry, FFI President and CEO, was prominently feature in this release. The release was also sent out via Facebook and other social media. Circulation, 200K +?
  • 9/12/19 - Clean Water Act - Sign on to TRCP letter urging EPA to provide120-day comment period for interested citizens and organizations to comment on the agency’s proposal to make changes to rules governing states and tribes’ Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 401 water quality certification process.
  • 8/30/19 - Land and Water Conservation Fund Funding Bills - Provided a draft letter to all Councils and Clubs with Senators on the Energy Committee encouraging them to write their Senators supporting S. 1081.
  • 8/23/19 - Land and Water Conservation Fund Funding Bills - Sent an FFI letters to members of the Energy Committee expressing our support for H.B. 3195 and S. 1081 which, if enacted, will ensure full funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund for now and in the future. Rhonda also communicated with Senator Daines office and secured his support of the bill.
  • 1/11/19 - Farm Bill - Roberts Stabenow Thanks 1.11
  • 12/12/18 - Farm Bill - 2018 Farm Bill Conservation Support Letter
  • 9/27/17 - Clean Water Act - Sportsmen CWR Step 1 sign on Oct 2017
  • 4/11/16 - Clean Water Act - Sportsmen CWR rider opposition House letter 4.11.16 (letter to Senators, letter to House)
  • 3/23/16 - Water Resources Development Act - WPN-Sign-on-Letter_Revised-Final  [confirm actual date]
  • 7/13/15 - Western Waters - Food Security - HR2898 Group Opposition Letter v2
  • 6/2/14 - Clean Water Act - The International Federation of Fly Fishers took action on June 2 to support the EPA’s Rulemaking on the Clean Water Act.

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