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Cuttcatch Project
Are You Up For The Challenge?



Cuttcatch Project Recognizes Species Diversity

The Cuttcatch Project is part of an effort by FFI to express the value of species diversity in fisheries. The project is designed to help flyfishers appreciate diversity of native species in general and, in this particular case, value the many subspecies of cutthroat trout. Historically, 14 subspecies of cutthroat trout once existed. Presently, 12 subspecies exist in some portion of their historic native range. Learning to value these cutthroat in their native range is a critical first step for their recovery.

To aid in their recovery, the Cuttcatch Project encourages the flyfisher to collect memories of the different species caught and released. 

Those FFI members who successfully catch four subspecies of cutthroat trout will receive a certificate in recognition of their accomplishment.  Fly Fishers catching and documenting 4 additional, different subspecies of cutthroat trout can receive a second Cuttcatch award. Fly Fishers catching and documenting all twelve listed subspecies will be eligible for the All Cuttcatch award.  Each participant in the program will receive an FFI hat.

We recommend two published works as a reference to determine the native range for each subspecies.

Patrick C. Trotter.  1987.  Cutthroat: Native Trout of the West.  Colorado Associated University Press.  

Robert J. Behnke.  2002.  Trout and Salmon of North America.  The Free Press.

12 Subspecies of Cutthroat Trout

Bonneville cutthroat
Oncorhynchus clarki utah

Coastal cutthroat
O.c. clarki

Colorado River cutthroat
O. c. pleuriticus

Greenback cutthroat
O. c. stomias

Humboldt cutthroat
O. c. ssp

Lahontan cutthroat
O. c. henshawi 

Paiute cutthroat
O. c. seleniris

Rio Grande cutthroat
O. c. virginalis 

Snake River Finespotted cutthroat
O. c. behnkei

Westslope cutthroat
O. c. lewisi

Whitehorse cutthroat
O. c. ssp

Yellowstone cutthroat
O. c. bouvieri

Congratulations to Cuttcatch Award Recipients!

Tyrone Herfel, 9-12 & ALL 
Vincent Sereno, 1-4 & 5-8

Laurie Banks, 1-4 & 5-8
Spencer Coe, 5-8
Steve Foisie, 1-6
Terry Langowski, 1-4
Ben Roussel, 1-4 & 5-8

Spencer Coe, 1-4
Tyrone Herfel, 1-4 & 5-8

Patrick M. Rowland
James Gruetzman
Robert Brehm
Paul K McIlwee III
Wayne Parmley

Patrick M. Rowland

Everett Headley



Vic Kopnitsky
W. Todd Humphrey
Brian K. McBride
Gregory M. Schuster

Robert W. Fujimura
Paul Agedius
Steve Bush
Mark Ratzlaff
Cliff Swanson

Dave De Ruysscher
Craig Steele
Matthew D. Hill
Bill Hammons
Keith P. Richard
Thomas V. Scoggins

Patrick M. Rowland 

Russell Hershbarger

Robert C. Marsett

Fred M. Wammock
Brent C. McKell

Cuttcatch Program Guidelines


  1. Catch and document 4 different subspecies to receive a Cuttcatch Award. The cutthroat trout must be caught from legally catchable populations.
  2. The cutthroat should be caught in its native range, not where it has been transplanted and is in fact a non-native.
  3. The fish must be caught on single-hook barbless fly, using fly fishing tackle.
  4. The fish must be photographed with minimal stress; that is, raised above the water, photographed, and then released unharmed, NOT photographed flopping on the bank.
  5. Fly fishers can receive a Cuttcatch Award for every 4 different subspecies.
  6. No duplications of subspecies previously caught are allowed on award applications.  
  7. The award application must include the following information for each subspecies caught:
  • Cutthroat subspecies name
  • Location: state, county, stream
  • Date
  • Approximate length
  • Fly used
  • Name and address of your local newspaper
  • Signed statement that the above rules were followed.

How To Apply

When four different subspecies of cutthroat are caught, send your documentation, photographs and $8.00 to cover the cost of processing the application:

Cuttcatch Program
Fly Fishers International
1201 US Highway 10 West, Suite E
Livingston , MT 59047
Award applications will be reviewed quarterly and valid recipients will be notified and sent their award. The award recipients will be listed in the FFI Flyfisher and on the FFI E-news.  A press release document will accompany the award so the recipeint can submit it to their hometown newspaper(s).


Please contact 406-222-9369 X0 or e-mail

More Information

The angler should create a journal or written record of their journey toward the Cuttcatch. Documentation for each catch (and it's accompanying photo) should include date, location, fly, etc. The Cuttcatch requirements on the website contain a fair bit of specific detail on species and qualifying locations, so the angler should use that information to help inform the log or journal entry. Catch locations might be noted with GPS coordinates, for example, if the angler has a GPS unit.


Please download the forms to your computer to use the fillable form fields.

 Project Cuttcatch Catch Log (PDF) 
 Cuttcatch Angler Certification Form (PDF)