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Fly Fishers International is ALL FISH, ALL WATERS.  We encourage you to fly fish where you live and places you frequently visit.  It's an enjoyable adventure whether you are fishing for bass, redfish, tarpon, sailfish, carp, or trout.  Don't limit your experience to just one species.  Find the fish that live in the places you frequent.  You may have the best experience of your life!  

Member Benefits and Opportunities

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As an FFI member, you will receive a true boatload of great benefits and opportunities to support the sport you love:

  • A subscription to FlyFisher Magazine, the sport’s most innovative publication, with exclusive interviews, incredible stories, and tips from fly-fishing’s top experts.
  • Exclusive access to:
    • The new and improved FFI Learning Center’s intermediate and advanced educational tools.
    • The FFI community forum, a great place to share, learn and develop new friendships in fly tying, casting and fly fishing.
    • FFI Women Connect, the leading program in the world for women and girls involved in the sport of fly-fishing.
  • Support FFI’s mission based programs including:
  • FFI Industry Partner benefits and services including discounts on this year’s best new fly-fishing equipment.
  • Educate young and budding fly-anglers and provide tools for families to safely, constructively and enjoyably bring their children into the outdoors. 
Join the community of fly fishers who have made a commitment to preserve the legacy of fly fishing for all fish, all waters.  You will also enjoy valuable Member Benefits.


Your continued membership allows FFI to deliver high quality education to the fly fishing community, provides grants and scholarships, and preserve the please Renew Today.

Join FFI Communities

To join a special interest group, you must maintain one of the FFI memberships listed above. The rates below are in addition to FFI membership dues. JOIN NOW

1 Year - $45 (renewal rates once you become a Certified Casting Instructor)

Please visit our casting information page to get details about how to become a Certified Casting Instructor. Testing fees required.

Must be a current FFI member to maintain certification status.

1 Year - $20 / Lifetime - $285

The Fly Tying Group is an organization of fly tiers. Our goal is to advance the art of fly tying within Fly Fishers International, and the angling community in general.

You must be a current member of FFI to join the group.

1 YEAR - $30

  • Listed on FFI's searchable online Guides & Outfitters Association Directory (profile created with pictures, services provided, etc)
  • Annual listing in the Flyfisher Magazine.
  • Social media promotion on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Insurance Program Available (US guides only).

You must be a current FFI member.

Support the Legacy of Fly Fishing

If you prefer to fill out an application and mail it with your payment, click the link below to download the form.

FFI Membership Application  (print/mail)

FFI Membership Application  (fillable PDF)

Please note: you must download the form to your device to be able to use the fillable form.

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