Conservation & the Fly Fisher
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Conservation & the Flyfisher

Want to understand more about conserving our resources?

The presentation, Conservation & the Flyfisher, is a good place to start. Download the presentation in PDF form to get started. The FFI Learning Center has many resources to help you on your journey as a flyfisher.  Members of FFI get full access to all the materials.  Not a member? Join now to access our incredible resource.

How many fish species are there?

» 15,750 Freshwater World Wide

» Approximately 20,000 Marine Species

» 1,200 Freshwater Species in North America

What are the threats to freshwater fish?

» Rivers, lakes, and wetlands are among the most threatened ecosystems on the planet

» Pressured by growing human population and socio economic development

» Strain on the ecosystem is correlated with correspondingly high levels of threat to freshwater fish biodiversity

What can be done to mitigate the threats?

Fly fishers can play an important role in reducing the threats to the natural systems that support aquatic life.  Whether you fish in freshwater or saltwater, find a way you can contribute.  

» Rehabilitation and Riparian Restoration - Regain Historical Ecological Status

» Restore natural flow regimes

» Restore riparian vegetation

» Reestablish high water quality

» Recent research suggests it is more effective to restore upstream reaches before restoring downstream reaches

Please do your part.

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