Understanding Freshwater Behavior
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Understanding Freshwater Behavior

Want to understand fish behavior?

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A few big ideas

» Fish are wild animals and behave as such—“this should be the sole basis for your angling strategy”

» The angler becomes the “predator” and the fish the “prey”; prey behave in predictable ways

» If there is a mistake made in this relationship it is usually the angler who screws up the predator side

» Understanding fish as the “prey organism” (e.g. what they see, hear, eat, and where they hide) will help you catch more of them

» Darwin’s Law rules: the fish that adapts best, lives longest, and become the biggest

Did you know?

  • The fish’s eye is basically the same structure as other vertebrate eyes except no eyelid and pupil fixed
  • Rods (process black and white for night) and cones (color image) for daytime
  • Rods and cones more loosely packed so image is not as detailed as what we see
  • Also reduced ability to see in three dimension

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