FFI Board of Directors Election Underway
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FFI Board of Directors Election Underway

FFI Board of Directors Election Underway

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As a valued member of Fly Fishers International, you have the opportunity to help select individuals to serve on the FFI Board of Directors. The Board is the governing body of the organization that oversees policies, sets the direction of the organization, and approves the annual budget. Serving on the Board is an important responsibility requiring a significant commitment to advancing FFI’s mission and goals. 

The FFI Nominations, Elections, and Board Development Committee is responsible for presenting a slate of nominees each year to the general membership for consideration in the Board election. The Committee completed a well-defined process of seeking nominations, interviewing candidates, and recommending a final slate of nominees.

We are fortunate to be considering a robust and impressive slate of candidates that is triggering a contested election for the first time in FFI’s recent history. As such, we are asking members to consider twelve (12) nominees for the nine (9) available board seats.

Please review the information, consider each nominee’s experience and qualifications, then make your selections.  Each member or club receives one vote and the ballot is tracked to the member's record.  An electronic ballot was distributed to members with an e-mail on file as of October 14, 2021.  A paper ballot was mailed to those who didn’t have an e-mail on file.   

If you have any questions, please contact Rhonda Sellers, Vice President of Operations, at operations@flyfishersinternational.org.  We thank you for your participation in this important election.

Thank you for being a member of Fly Fishers International and supporting our mission to preserve the legacy of fly fishing for all fish in all waters.

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