Fly Tying Challenge
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Fly Tying Group

Do you like to tie flies? Want to test your skills?
You've come to the right place.


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Enter the FFI Fly Tying Challenge


Details of the Fly Tying Challenge

The Fly Tying Group is proud to announce the Third Annual FFI Fly Tying Challenge.  The Challenge is open to everyone regardless of skill level and age. There are 5 categories and flies must be tied from the required pattern list. 

  • Overall - must tie all 4 flies from the required pattern list and a tie breaker fly of your CHOICE and cannot enter individual categories
  • Dry Fly
  • Wet Fly
  • Nymph/ Crustacean Fly
  • Streamer

All flies will become the property of FFI’s Fly Tying Group.


Submission Rules

Flies must be selected from the pattern list with the selection of a fly of your choice for the Overall category.  Click link below to view the patterns.

Person entering individual category(s) can enter as many categories as they want, but will not be eligible to enter the Overall Category.

You must submit a one-time entry fee and submission form for each category you enter.

Winner need not to be present. 

Members of the Fly Tying Group Board of Governors and Buszek Award recipients are not eligible to enter the contest.

2022 Fly Tying Challenge Info & Patterns


The winners will be announced at the International Fly Tyers Symposium Fly Tiers Banquet in November at Parsippany NJ and published in Fly Tyer and Flyfisher magazines.

Overall Winners
1st Place

2nd and 3rd Place 

  • Certificate

Dry Fly, Wet Fly, Nymph/Crustacean Fly, Streamer
1st Place

  • 1st Place Medal and Certificate

2nd and 3rd Place

  • Certificate


Submission Deadline

September 16, 2022

Winner need not to be present. 


How to Submit Your Flies

Click the link below for the submission form. You will be required to pay your entry fee via mail or the FFI Store.

FFI Fly Tying Challenge Submission Form