Catch & Release
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Conserving Resources
for All Fish, All Waters


FFI Supports Catch and Release

In the early 1970s, respected leaders of the FFI realized that to preserve quality of fishing in our streams this could be met with the promotion of “Catch and Release” fishing. The public balked but slowly realized that the practice of catch and release was a useful management tool to provide better fishing for the future. Nowadays – catch and release is a way of life and a fishing ethic that we do without even blinking an eye. The FFI still remains the leader on this subject of why, how and when.


Basics for Fish Release

1) Use barbless artificial flies

2) Land fish quickly

3) Minimize time out of water

4) Handle fish gently

5) Back the hook out with a hemostat

6) Support fish facing the current until it swims away

Handling Your Catch

a) Minimize the time your fish is out of the water.

b) Keep fingers away from gills and eyes.

c) Wet your hands when handling your fish.

d) Never squeeze your fish.

Two educational brochures are available as a resource to you.  Please feel free to print, copy, email and share.


 Freshwater Catch and Release


 Saltwater Catch and Release




Please direct inquiries to the Conservation Coordinator.


Telephone: 406-222-9369