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Frank Mueller
  Seattle, , Germany

  Waters Where I Provide Guiding Services: Isar Traun Bavarian rivers and lakes

Guide's Summary


 My name is Frank. I was born in the fall of 1984, so I can proudly say I was born in the grayling high season. This should have been a sign to my parents. The love and passion for fishing and later fly fishing came through my father’s passion for fishing. At the age of four I hugged my first carp. I caught my first rainbow trout at the age of seven without any help of a grown-up.
While going to school my friends were mainly interested in skateboarding and girls but not me! I always wanted to catch the one, elusive fish. I always dreamt to catch the fish of a lifetime without thinking what the next step is. After having caught the fish of a lifetime I ventured on and explored new waters, new species and new techniques. At the age of 14 I started fly fishing and fly tying. From these moments on I was completely hooked on this fascinating sport. I had never experienced the finesse and passion of fooling a fish like I did at that time. Before fishing was more of catching the biggest fish and catching as many as possible. Now fishing was more than that, it was as I would completely merge with fly rod, reel and line and not just using a tool to catch trout. If you may think of the wand choosing his magician in Harry Potter, it was like the fishing technique had chosen me to execute this wonderful and quiet sport.

From this point on I had the wonderful possibilities to fish so many beautiful waters and meet many new friends and catch so many great fish. I know I owe so much to my parents and especially my father for sharing this wonderful sport with my brother and me.

After having studied in one of Germany’s fly fishing meccas I started guiding and instucting fly casting. If you are interested in guiding and fly casting instruction please visit my other homepage to contact me. In 2008, I published my first article in a German fly fishing magazine, since then I have written many more and I hope there are many more to come. Due to my presence and expertise in fly fishing I was chosen to be a member of the Yangoo Fly Fishing Pro Team.




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