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Patagonia Women's Sol Patrol
Our newest line of Patagonia shirts.  Can be embroidered with your choice of logos; including IFFF, CCI, MCI, THCI, Life Memember, or FTG.  See Overview for instructions.  LIMITED QUANTITIES. 

Patagonia Sol Patrol Shirt can be embroidered with your choice of logo (see below). Please e-mail with your logo information.  Options are IFFF, Life Member, CI, MCI, THCI, Fly Tying Group, Fly Tying Group Life Member.  Please allow for 2 weeks for embroidering and shipping. Below shows examples of logos (left to right:  IFFF, Life Member, and CI).  Master and Two-Handed Casting Instructor also available.  Embroidery goes above left shirt pocket. Must be a Life Member, CCI, MCI, THCI, or Fly Tying Group member to order shirts with those logos.    


From Patagonia:


Lacking fur, feathers or scales, we humans have to think up clever ways to protect ourselves from the sun. Products with the UPF designation provide built-in sun protection that won’t wear off.

UPF stands for “Ultraviolet Protection Factor.” This value represents the fractional amount of the sun’s harmful UV rays that pass through a fabric. A rating of “25” indicates that only 1/25th , or 4% of the UV rays pass through the garment.

Patagonia products with rated UPF protection are tested independently to meet Australia/New Zealand or AATCC protocols. A rating of 15-24 earns a product a rating of “good”; a rating of 25-39 is "very good"; and a rating of 40-50+ is “excellent.” *

* When tested in accordance with Australian/New Zealand test methods AS/NZS 4399 or USA test methods AATCC 183/ASTM D6603/ASTM D6544.