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Blog (Retired)

Latest News from FFI Has Moved!  Click Here.

You can still find the stories from the past, but this blog has been retired. 

Introducing Fly Fishers International

Posted on 4/11/2017 by Fly Fishers International in Organizational Announcements

For most of us, fly fishing is more than just a sport. It’s been central to our lives in many ways, providing a much-needed break from the daily grind, and giving us time on the water we’ll never forget, as well as friendships that will last a lifetime. That’s why I’m especially excited to announce that our organization is undergoing a significant evolution that I believe will better reflect the importance fly fishing plays in all our lives. The new name of our organization is Fly Fishers International (FFI), and with it comes a reinvigorated approach to our programs, mission, and purpose.

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FFI Adopts Public Lands and Waters of United States Policy

Posted on 4/3/2017 by Fly Fishers International in Public Policies

FFI Adopts Public Lands and Waters of United States Policy - Fly Fishers International is a global organization dedicated to the support, enhancement and protection of the recreational opportunities and enjoyment of fishing with the artificial fly. We do this through teaching all aspects of fly fishing and most importantly through our advocacy, demonstration and voice for conservation of our natural resources. Clearly, conservation of fishes and their habitats is fundamental to our opportunities and those of our children to fly fish.

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