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Blog (Retired)

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Conservation Committee Reports on Actions

Posted on 9/18/2017 by Kat Mulqueen

Fly Fishers International works to preserve and protect fishery habitats. Many times that protection comes in the form of biological opinion regarding policies and decisions by public agencies whose responsibility is to oversee the water body and surrounding habitat. Fly Fishers International bases its decision about issues on a review of the existing policies or laws governing the agency's action and sound science-based facts. At least every quarter, Conservation Senior Adviser Tom Logan will post a report on this page giving our members an overview of our recent actions. If you have any questions please contact the Conservation Coordinator at .


The FFI Conservation Committee has taken following Conservation Actions or signed off on letters with collaborating partners on the following issues.

Clean Water Act

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed rescinding the Clean Water Rule that was established in 2015. FFI joined with other conservation groups that are members of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership in opposing rescission of these rules.  We are concerned that this proposal, if enacted, will undo hard earned protections for streams and wetlands across the United States.   We are joined with many other like-minded conservation groups in recognition that many voices working together will have a greater impact.

Review of National Monuments 

FFI wrote Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to support the provisions of Antiquities Act of 1906 and to express our opposition to any executive action that seeks to administratively overturn any national monument.

U.S. Budget Recommendations 

With other conservation groups in the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, FFI signed onto a letter to Congressional leaders calling for a bipartisan budget agreement that provides relief from sequestration cuts and allows for strong annual funding of natural resources and conservation.

Net Pen Fish Farming in Washington

FFI sent a letter to NOAA and U.S. Corps of Engineers urging swift action on mitigating the effects of a net pen failure in Skagit County, Washington.  This letter further urged the Corps to stop issuing permits for new net pens and to investigate the integrity of existing net pens.

Mining in the Yellowstone Watershed 

FFI sent a letter to Montana Senator Steve Daines encouraging him to support the Yellowstone Gateway Protection Act that was introduced in the United States Senate. In enacted the bill will provide permanent protection of the Yellowstone from gold and other mining activities on adjacent public lands.

FFI also sent a letter to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke thanking him for his support for a ban on mining in the Paradise Valley.

Mining in the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area 

FFI sent a letter providing public comment to the United States Forest Service opposing mining in the areas bordering the Boundary Waters Wilderness Area in Minnesota.

Management of Forage Fish 

FFI signed onto a letter with other conservation groups included in the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership encouraging Maryland Governor Hagen to enact scientifically sound models for managing forage fish like menhaden.

Farm Bill Conservation Easement Program 

FFI signed onto a letter with other conservation groups included in the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership making recommendations regarding the Agricultural Conservation Easement Program Priorities in the 2018 Farm Bill.

National Infrastructure Proposal 

FFI signed onto a letter with other conservation groups included in the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership making recommendations to President Trump regarding priorities in outdoor infrastructure enhancing access to public land and water recreation opportunities, and support for natural infrastructure solutions.

Blueprint for Energy Future 

Senior Conservation Advisor Tom Logan made contributions to a document entitled “Lessons Learned- A Blueprint for Securing  Our Energy Future While Safeguarding America’s Sporting Heritage”.  The document was published by the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.

Banning Net Pen Fish Farming in the Great Lakes 

FFI joined with a number of other likeminded conservation groups in encouraging members of the U.S. Congress to cosponsor a bill that would prohibit net pen fish farming in the Great Lakes.