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Blog (Retired)

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FFI Funds Two Conservation Grants

Posted on 12/26/2019 by Fly Fishers International in Conservation

Fly Fishers International funds two conservation grants totaling $4,000.

Washington State Council
Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club and Wild Steelhead Coalition

The funds will assist with the purchase of 8 acres conservation easement along the Grande Ronde River in Washington.  The conservation easement lies between the Snake River Road and the Grande Ronde River about 2.5 miles upstream from the confluence of the Snake River.  This site has been open to the public since 1980 through a recreation easement between the property owner and the WDFW.  The landowner now wishes to sell the land.  The purchase will guarantee that access will remain open and be managed by WDFW.


Grande Ronde River - Washington

An aerial view of the Grande Ronde River


Oregon Council
Rogue Fly Fishers and Friends of the Greensprings

FFI funds will help pay for equipment needed to monitor the Upper Rogue River, a major spawning ground for Coho salmon. The health of the watershed will be monitored and analyzed to see how it is serving its purpose.

Upper Rogue River - Oregon

An aerial view of the Upper Rogue River