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We Are
All Fish, All Waters


The mission of Fly Fishers International is to foster the legacy of fly fishing for all fish in all waters through conservation, education, and inspiring a growing community of fly fishers.


Fly Fishers International will play a meaningful role in the global fly fishing community by collaborating with individuals, organizations, and industry leaders to have a positive influence on the evolution of the sport. FFI will
accomplish this vision by building partnerships, increasing its membership, building financial support, and enhancing the impact of its programs.

Shared Core Values

  • FFI is committed to preservation of fly fishing opportunities and the “Legacy of Fly Fishing” for “All Fish, All Waters”.
  • FFI serves as the leading voice for fly fishing, its members, and the global fly fishing community.
  • FFI is driven by our Mission and Strategic Vision collaboratively at all levels of the organization including the Board of Directors, Operations, Councils, Clubs, members, and the fly fishing community.
  • FFI believes delivery of programs and value to members is essential to engaging them as active stakeholders in achievement of Mission.
  • FFI advocates that conservation of our natural landscapes is fundamental to our enjoyment of fly fishing, qualities of life and preservation of the “Legacy of Fly Fishing” and must be founded on best available science.
  • FFI is committed to excellence in all areas of fly fishing education that includes conservation, fly casting, fly tying and fly fishing skills.
  • FFI believes that informed fly fishers become effective stewards of our natural resources. 
  • FFI believes that collaboration and partnerships with other like-minded organizations, agencies and industries collectively provides a strong and more effective voice for conservation of natural landscapes and preservation of fly fishing opportunities around the world.
  • FFI believes that a diverse leadership and membership is essential to effective representation of the fly fishing community.

Strategic Plan

FFI’s new strategic direction is informed by a compelling update to our mission, vision, and values, and a plan that focuses on the key areas of leadership development, targeted communications efforts, and robust development programs to support strategic projects and initiatives.

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Conservation is a Key Pillar of FFI

If we don't protect the natural systems that are important to us who will?

  • FFI is the only organization to promote conservation of both salt and freshwater fisheries and their habitats.
  • FFI originated the concept of catch and release.


What was it for you? 

If you are drawn to fly fishing, please support the only organization that actively works to preserve the legacy.  You will help ensure that fly fishing can continue to instill the kind of passion it does today in so many of us.

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