FFI Conservation Projects & Programs
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Protecting All Fish, All Waters® Through Action


Fly Fishers International has long played a role in conservation of fisheries and their habitats.  The organization has developed several projects and programs to support the mission of conserving our fishing resources for future generations.  Click any of the links below.  Program and projects include:

Conservation Grants

Providing grants to clubs, councils and other organizations to complete conservation and restorations projects.

Conservation Scholarships & Internships

FFI provides scholarships and internships for graduate students, based on a application and selection process.

Monofilament Recycling Projects

Build a monofilament recycling station at your favorite fishing access location.  Pick up the line and send it in for recycling.   

Whitlock-Vibert Box

The Whitlock-Vibert box is a patented plastic box that is use to plant in streams.  Fish eggs are placed in the box and are protected until they hatch.  The fry swim out of the box thereby giving it a little time to grow in the protected area.

Cuttcatch Award Program

This program focuses on catching 4 species of trout and releasing them back into their habitats once the catch is documented.  Fly fisherman who accomplish the goal are given a certificate and recognized in the Flyfisher magazine.