Charter Club Annual Report
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FFI Charter Clubs Annual Report

FFI Charter Clubs

Welcome FFI Charter Clubs!  Thank you for being a vital part of FFI and its mission - you are our feet in the streams!  This page is has all the information you need to file the annual report for your club. If you don't see what you are looking for contact or call 406-222-9369 Ext 2.

Annual Report

Welcome to your guide to completing the annual report.  Clubs are required to upload all necessary forms to the report. 


Do you submit the online report for a 990N or for the Group Return? Answer these questions to determine:

  • Are you Filing for a Council or Charter Club? – councils complete the Group Return, see the Group Return Cheat Sheet.
  • Is your club’s revenue for the report period $25,000 or more? – if total revenue (not net profit) is over $25,000 you will need to complete the Group Return. See the Group Return Cheat Sheet.
  • Does your club need to be included in the FFI Group Tax Return for grant purposes or other reasons, or can a 990N be filed? – if you need to be part of the Group Tax Return for grant reporting or any other reason you will need to complete the Group Return. See the Group Return Cheat Sheet.
  • Is your club located in CALIFORNIA? – Clubs located in California are required to complete the Group Return for additional state requirements. See the Group Return Cheat Sheet.

Clubs that are under $25,000 in annual revenue and NOT located in the State of California can file a 990N.  To submit your report for a 990N, read through the "Annual Report Instructions" document, read the "990N (Postcard) - Cheat Sheet" document, and prepare your documents you need to upload to the online form.


  1. Update your club profile (use the "Council-Club-Info_Worksheet" to prepare. Instruction below). This is a seperate step from the online form, but must be done on an annual basis as well as when any club information changes.  That is why we ask that you update your information during the annual report process.
  2. READ THROUGH AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS to prepare!  ALL DOCUMENTS ARE IN THE LINKS BELOW.  Do not try to rush through the report process and have everything prepared before going to the online form.
  3. Get all your documents prepared and saved to your computer so they will be ready to upload where indicated in the online form.  Some people find it helpful to also print them to follow along. 
  4. About the documents:
    • Review the Instruction document first
    • Review the cheat sheet(s)
    • Make sure you have a reconciled year-end bank statement.
    • "Council-Club-Info_Worksheet"; use this worksheet to prepare to update your FFI member account profile (this is to keep your information up to date in our member system). You need to login as the Club. 
    • The "BoardMbrList_IRS-Report_UploadDoc" is for those completing the group return.  Fill it in, save it and upload it where indicated, (when the link is clicked the document will pop in at the bottom of your screen).
  5. There is a single link to the ONLINE FORM that will guide you through the necessary steps to complete the annual report. 
  6. There is no time limit to complete the online form, but once you start, you need to complete it through the final "Submit" button. If you exit, you will not be able to go back to it later and you will have to resubmit everything again.  You can use the previous page and next page buttons without losing info.
  7. At the end, you must click the "Submit" button to complete the report, (you will follow the "Report Completion Instructions" provided).

Links to the instructions, and cheat sheets:

Annual Report Instructions

990N (Postcard) - Cheat Sheet 

Group Return - Cheat Sheet

Impact Questionnaire - Cheat Sheet

Information Worksheet - for updating the club profile

Links to the documents:

Insurance Declaration

Board Member List Document

Continue AFTER you download, read, complete, and save the documents.

Update Your Club Profile 

Keep your club information up to date at all times.  This helps existing and potential clubs and members reach out to you or become a social media follower.  It also helps FFI to keep in touch with the right people.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Complete the Information Worksheet to use as a guide.
  2. Click “Login” at the top of the page and enter the club username (club FFI member number-please do not ever change this username) and password.
  3. The first time using the new system, you need to do a password reset.
  4. The password reset email will go to the club email we have on file. Please note that the club email cannot be an email associated with an FFI member account, it has to be a separate email address.
    • If you do not get the password reset email or don’t have access to the email, contact the FFI office.
    • Once you have access to the reset email, go ahead and request to reset the password. 
    • Go back to #2 enter your newly reset password and then proceed to #5.
  5. Once you are logged in you will click “Profile” at the top. 
  6. You can then:
    • Upload a picture (a lot of clubs upload a club logo)
    • Click the “Edit” button to edit the club contact information.
    • After updating the information, go back to the top and click the “Save” button.
  7. Your profile update is complete! 
  8. Be sure whenever you have club contact or officer/volunteer changes to go to your profile and keep it updated.


Please DO NOT mail or email your submissions or forms


Charter Club Bylaws

Time to update your Club Bylaws? 
Follow this TEMPLATE
Bylaws template Word Document 

Note: If changes are made to the main content, please highlight the changes.  Once you update the bylaws, you must submit it to the FFI for review.  Once reviewed, if no changes are necessary, they will be submitted to the FFI Board of Directors for approval.

Call the FFI office with any questions.


Telephone: 406-222-9369 Ext 2