Guides & Outfitters Association
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Guides & Outfitters Association

Guides & Outfitters Association

Fly Fishers International (FFI) Guides & Outfitters Association is a community of men and women dedicated to promoting and enhancing an angler’s fly fishing experience.

Fly fishing guides and outfitters provide valuable services to members of the fly fishing community around the world each year. Many FFI members are guides who provide fresh or saltwater fishing experiences for their clients. However, they may not be members the current Guides & Outfitters Association.

The expanded Guides & Outfitters Association is an effective way to establish a program that provides its members substantial benefits that include the best industry liability insurance and assist them in developing new clients.

It is the mission of FFI to support and protect fly fishing opportunities around the world for “all fish – all waters.”  It further is our intent to support members of the Guides & Outfitters Association as ambassadors who assist in the achievement of the FFI mission.

Let Us Know You Want to Join the GOA! 

Guides & Outfitters Association

1 YEAR - $30

  • Listed on FFI's searchable online Guides & Outfitters Association Directory (profile created with pictures, services provided, etc).
  • Annual listing in the Flyfisher Magazine.
  • Social media promotion on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Insurance Program Available (US guides only).

Comprehensive Coverage
FFI Guides & Outfitters
Insurance Program

The insurance provided through ESP Specialty is designed specifically for both fresh and saltwater guides and outfitters including related bird and big game hunters.  For more information and to get a quote click here.

General Liability For You

Provides protection for your guide and outfitter operation from many third-party claims:

• 3rd-Party Bodily Injury
• Property Damage
• Products/Completed Operations
• Personal and Advertising Injury
• Damage by Fire to Rented Premises (7 days or fewer)
• No-Fault Medical Expense


Who is Eligible?

• FFI Members in Good Standing
• Guides (Including Non-Motorized Boat)
• Outfitters (Including Non-Motorized Boat)
• W-2 Employees
• 1099 Independent Guides
• Bird Hunting Guides
• Big Game Hunting Guides (Non-Horseback)


Optional Coverages

• 3rd-Party Liability and Property Damage Coverage for Motorized Boats
• 3rd-Party Liability and Property Damage Coverage for Non-Motorized Boats
• Ability to Name Others as an Additional Insured (Including Governmental Entities)
• Coverage for All Your Gear (Boats & Equipment)