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Buz Buszek Memorial
Fly Tying Award Library


About the Buszek Library

The Fly Fishers International Buz Buszek Memorial Fly Tying Award Library is the online resource where educational and instructional materials created by recipients of FFI’s Buz Buszek Memorial Fly Tying Award are memorialized, proudly displayed, and available to all.

Named in honor of Wayne “Buz” Buszek who was noted for his creativity, precision, and standard of excellence for fly tying materials, Buszek award recipients have demonstrated highest skills in fly tying and made significant contributions to the development and preservation of the artform. We speak often of legacy in reference to fly fishing but the Buz Buszek Memorial Fly Tying Award Library represents a way to leave behind a legacy of tying knowledge and experience for the benefit of others.

The following video features one of Buz’s personal friends Don Lieb tying the Western Coachman, one of Buz’s signature flies. Don is joined by Chairman Emeritus of the FFI Board of Directors Tom Logan, who conducted the interview in 2022. At 103 years old, Don still teaches fly tying instruction.  


Contributors to the Library

Wayne Luallen

1991 Recipient


Al Beatty

1999 Recipient


Gretchen Beatty

2019 Recipient


All Award Recipients 


The award is presented to the person who has made significant contributions to the art of fly tying. Below are the recipients of the award from its inception.

1970 Jacqueline Knight

1971 A. I. Anderson

1972 Dave Whitlock

1973 George Grant

1974 Ken Bay

1975 E.H. "Polly" Rosborough

1976 John Schollenberger

1977 Andrew Puyans

1978 George Harvey

1979 Everett Drake

1980 Boyd Aigner

1981 Doug Prince

1982 Darwin Atkin

1983 Art Flick

1984 Frank Johnson

1985 Bill Blackstone

1986 Billy Munn

1987 Dick Nelson

1989 Jimmy Nix

1988 Bing Lempke

1990 Kent Bulfinch

1991 Wayne Luallen

1992 Stanley Walters

1993 Chuck Echer

1994 Royce Dam

1995 Marvin Nolte

1996 Ned Long

1997 Judy Lehmberg

1998 Jeff "Bear" Andrews

1999 Al Beatty

2000 Bob Jacklin

2001 Bruce Staples

2002 Helen Shaw Kessler

2003 Bill Heckel

2004 Chris Helm

2005 Reginald Denny

2006 Gary Borger

2007 John Van DerHoof

2008 Henry Hoffman

2009 John Newbury

2010 Scott Sanchez

2011 Tony Spezio

2012 Steven Fernandez

2013 Walt Holman

2014 Oscar Feliu

2015 Mike George

2016 James "Jim" Ferguson

2017 Tak Shimizu
2018 Howard "Bud" Heintz
2019 Gretchen Beatty
2020 Jerry Coviello 2021 Fred Dupre'
2022 Al Ritt
2023 Dutch Baughman