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FFI Learning Center

The FFI Learning Center is an initiative that brings together FFI’s expertise in Fly Casting, Fly Tying, Fly Fishing Skills, and Conservation Education for the benefit of FFI members and the fly fishing community.  The Learning Center’s core belief is that through education, including both angling skills and environmental stewardship, fly fishing will grow and be preserved for future generations.

The Learning Center focuses on educational and instructional programs for all fly fishers at all skill levels. The Learning Center includes both in-person workshop instruction and web-based instructional materials downloadable from the FFI website. The inaugural launch of the FFI Learning Center was at the Boise Fair in August 2018.

All materials presented in the Learning Center have been “beta” tested in workshops, and the material has received an editorial review and a quality control assurance process. The Learning Center materials are downloadable to your computer, free of charge.


Fly Casting

Learn from some of the best fly casting instructors in the world. Lessons feature an array of casts, loop control, a teacher's package, and more. 


Fly Fishing Skills

A comprehensive source for educational and instructional information for all skill levels;  Knots, Rigging, Casting, “the Catching Part of Fly Fishing”, Fish Behavior, Fish Habitat, Entomology, Reading Water, Fly Fishing Safety and Etiquette, Characteristics of Fisheries, Equipment, and much more.


Fly Tying

Explore the Fly Tying Video Library, fly tying educational and instructional slide presentations for all skill levels, the Fly Tying Awards Program. See the Saltwater Flies Manual.  Learn to tie flies here.



Conservation Education slide presentations and written material pertaining to Conservation and the Fly Fisher, Personal Conservation, Practices of Catch and Release, and Understanding Freshwater Fish Behavior


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