False Casting
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False Casting

Want to learn about false casting?

Well, you've come to the right place.  You can watch the videos and download our False Casting lesson to learn more.  If you are a member of FFI you can download the full lesson with tips from our Master Casting Instructors.  If you are not a member, please join now.




What is false casting?

False casting is the classic back and forth fly casting motion everyone has seen. It is necessary to false cast when fly fishing because we’re casting a long, weighted line instead of a simple weight, bait or lure as used in spin or bait casting. False casting allows us to change cast distance, change direction, and dry a wet fly. Learning how to false cast is an important step in the process of learning to cast so you can go fishing. The skills needed for false casting depend on a good understanding of the Fundamentals of a Cast and knowing the Pick Up and Lay Down (PULD) cast. Make sure you have mastered those two segments before you start false casting.




How to false cast

Any false cast starts by picking the line up from the water or grass. You learned how to do that in the Pick Up/Lay Down segment. Start with about 30 ft. of line laying out straight in front of you and the rod tip low, no more than 1 ft. from the ground, and pointing at the line. Now at medium speed, raise the rod tip to about 10:30. At medium speed, this “lift” will take about 1 second. Done properly, the lift will drag the line across the ground or water, but not lift it from the ground or water. When the rod reaches the 10:30 position, quickly accelerate the rod to 1:30 and stop it there.e Lesson

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