Fly Casting Skills Challenge
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Fly Casting Skills Challenge

What is the Fly Casting Skills Challenge?

The Fly Casting Skills Challenge Program is designed for the experienced beginner caster, as well as intermediate and advanced fly fishers. It is meant to be a fun, voluntary way to study, practice and challenge oneself in a progressive fashion at one’s own pace. It allows participants to measure progress with an option of receiving documentation and recognition for doing so. Each casting challenge at the Bronze, Silver, and Gold game levels is directly applicable to increasingly difficult fishing scenarios and includes these general areas:

  • Pick-up and Lay-down cast
  • False casting
  • Roll casting
  • Reach mends, slack line, and curve casts
  • Accuracy, from Dominant and Non-Dominant shoulders
  • Distance and shooting line
  • Hauling
  • Casting while seated or kneeling
  • Presenting the backcast

You can download our Skills Challenge document to learn more.  If you are a member of FFI you can download a Facilitator & Participant Guide.  If you are not a member, please join now.


The Challenge Program is supported by online educational resources, as well as in-person casting workshops such as occur at the annual FFI Fair or through clubs and council gatherings world-wide. These resources can be used by individuals, groups, and Clubs and can help teachers plan clinics and classes. The guidance and tutelage of FFI certified fly casting instructors or Gold Casting Skills Level recipients will be especially helpful. Some participants may eventually choose to participate in the Casting Instructor Certification Program. e Lesson


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Download the Facilitator & Participant Guide with tips on administering the Challenge.

Facilitator's Guide


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