Knots & Rigging
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Knots & Rigging

Learn more about how to rig for fly fishing?

You've come to the right place.  There are two lessons on this page.  Knots and rigging is available to FFI members, and documents you'll need to present a lesson on the subject is available to everyone  Download the presentation in PDF form to get started. If you are a member of FFI you can download the lesson that has exquisite illustrations.  Not a member? Join now to access our incredible Learning Center resources that will help you get started in fly fishing. 

What are the popular knots?

» Improved Clinch Knot
» Uni Knot (Duncan, Grinner Knot)
» Davey Knot (and Double Davey Knot)
» Blood Knot
» Palomar Knot
» Nail Knot
» Surgeon’s Knot
» Non-slip Loop
» Surgeon’s Loop
» Perfection Loop
» Albright Knot
» Arbor Knot
» Haywire Knot
» Snell Knot

The Illustrations

The illustrations in this lesson were drawn by Jo Starling Creative.  The exquisite illustration of each knot makes it come alive on the page.

Knot-Tying Terminology

Butt: The thick part of the leader. The butt of a leader is attached to the fly line.

Standing End: The part of the line opposite the knot.

Tag End: The part of the line where the knot is tied. The opposite of the Standing End.

Tippet: The last two feet of a leader to which the fly is attached. The tippet can be the end of a leader or an added piece of monofilament to the end of a leader.

Turns or Wraps: A turn or wrap is one complete revolution of line.

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Fly Fishing Knots Tying Class Agenda

Fly Fishing Knots Overview

Knot Tying References

Knot Tying Tips

Berkley Infographic

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