Fly Fishing Safety & Etiquette
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Fly Fishing Safety & Etiquette

Fly fishing safely is a must

You will learn about streamside safety, what you can do if you fall in the water, and more! Download the presentation in PDF form to get started. Join now to access our incredible Learning Center resources that will help you get started in fly fishing or improve your skills. 

Fly Fishing Safety

This guide is intended to prepare you in the following areas when fly fishing:

  1. Weather
  2. Potential Danger
  3. Staying Hydrated
  4. Hook Safety
  5. Fish Safety
  6. Wading Safety
    • Equipment
    • Reading the Water
    • With a buddy
  7. Watercraft Safety
  8. Kayak Safety


Fly Fishing Etiquette - Just Common Sense

» Understand the “Golden Rule;” Treat other anglers as you would want them to treat you

» Practice Catch and Release

» Obey all state and local fishing laws and rules

» Don’t step on or disturb a Redd, also known as a spawning bed

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