FFI Launches Loops Casting Education Program
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FFI Launches Loops Casting Education Program

FFI Launches Loops Casting Education Program

Fly Fishers International Launches LOOPS
New Casting Education Program

Fly Fishers International (FFI) is excited to announce the launch of Loops, a new fly casting education program providing instruction and engaging activities for fly fishing enthusiasts of any skill level.  Supported by FFI’s 1,100 certified casting instructors worldwide and a robust network of existing FFI clubs, Loops offers casting instruction for single and two-handed casting, as well as technique specific instruction for all coldwater, warmwater, and saltwater fly fishing. Loops represents the most significant leap forward in FFI’s long history of providing industry-leading fly fishing education.

“For more than 30 years FFI has been at the forefront of teaching the essentials of fly casting for all fish in all waters,” said Patrick Berry, President & CEO of FFI. “As interest in fly fishing has expanded to reach new audiences, new destinations, and the ability to target almost any species of fish, Loops represents the evolution of casting education offered by FFI.”

Berry continued, “By expanding our casting education focus to nurture the distinctive fly fishing journey of each person, FFI’ new structure will provide opportunities to learn casting skills ranging from beginners to the most advanced. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and instilling a passion for fly fishing through the new Loops casting program.”

Jonathan Walter, chair of the Fly Casting Education Program, expressed his enthusiasm for FFI’s expanded casting programs: “After decades of experience providing instructor certification which will continue, it is clear there is growing demand for enhanced casting education. It has been an honor to lead the Casting Board of Governors, and now this expanded and inclusive Fly Casting Education Program. I look forward to supporting the Loops program along with FFI’s roster of certified instructors.” 

The announcement of the new Loops program was made at the American Fly Fishing Trade Association’s inaugural Confluence event, with the full program launch in Spring 2024. FFI’s existing Casting Instructor Certification Program will continue to serve as the leading instructor program in the world. Positive response from the industry has been immediate and widespread. 

Lucas Bissett, Executive Director, AFFTA: “Fly Fishers International’s commitment to supporting the fly fishing industry and broader community with engaging fly fishing education programs strengthens our collective ability to welcome people new to fly fishing, and offers opportunities for more experienced anglers to improve their skills.” Fly Fishers International has the distinctive mission to preserve the legacy of fly fishing for all fish in all waters. FFI was formed by some of the most influential luminaries in the world of fly fishing and conservation back in 1964, and is dedicated to innovative strategies to engage, teach, and inspire the global fly fishing community.