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Blog (Retired)

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Challenges of Fly Fishing

Posted on 12/2/2019 by Fly Fishers International

Use the Fly Casting Skills Challenge to improve your cast.

Challenges in Fly Fishing
Submitted by Mark Huber, CBOG, MCI, THCI, L-3 Examiner

The many challenges in fly fishing is what brought of us to the sport.  The challenge of finding fish, making the presentation, achieving the correct proportions in tying flies, and the challenge of making the fly line and fly turnover on the water.

In fly fishing you can find a fishing guide who will find the fish and provide you with a well tied fly to match the hatch.  Your challenge is to make the cast delivering the fly to a target and make the presentation.  In talking with fishing guides, their greatest frustration with getting their clients into the fish of their dreams, is the client’s less than prime time fly casting skills.

Recently the FFI rolled out the Fly Casting Skills Challenge Program.  There are three levels progressing from bronze to gold.  The objective of the casting skills challenge is to optimize the basic skills at the bronze level and learn more advanced skills at the gold level.  The skills are directly related to everyday fly fishing whether it is making a roll cast, double hauling and adding more distance to your cast.  Who out there doesn’t want to double haul and add more distance to their cast?

When working through the skills challenge, you will have an experienced fly caster or an FFI Certified Casting Instructor there to provide you with instruction and helpful tips to achieve the tasks.  You will be able to ask questions and practice your new casting skills.

You can find the Fly Casting Skills Challenge Program using the link or at the FFI website under Education/Learning Center Casting.

The Fly Casting Skills Challenge Program is all about developing your fly casting skills to overcome many of the casting challenges encountered in every day fishing circumstances.

Get out there and work through the Fly Casting Skills Challenge and be up to the challenge the next time you find the fish of your dreams.