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Blog (Retired)

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How to Take the Perfect Fly Fishing Photo

Posted on 9/26/2019 by Fly Fishers International

Get tips on taking that perfect fly fishing photo! One of the best parts of fly fishing is showing off your catch!

Take Some Great Shots!

Taking photos is a great way to remember that one truly amazing fish, or how perfect the water was, or to share your day with friends and family. No matter the reason, we want to help you take the perfect fishing photo.

In this article, we provide pieces of advice for two types of shots: the catch and the fly fisher.

Capturing Your Big Fish

The classic ‘grip ‘n’ grins’ get old after a while so we are here to help you get a great shot, whether you're using your cellphone or your new Nikkon.

Handling Your Catch

So you just caught the fish of a lifetime and you want to get great photos, the most important thing to remember (which can be hard when you're excited) is to use good fish handling techniques—particularly to Keep Em Wet! Taking your fish out of the water isn't a necessity for getting a good photo and can result in your photo looking just like every other photo on your Instagram feed.

Tips: How to handle your fishing and basics for catch & release

Get Creative

Fly fishing photography, like any kind of photography, benefits from a little creativity.

 Don't be afraid to mix it up! Check out how some of our friends are documenting their catches and the different ways they hold their fish.


Change Your Angle - Get Creative


The Up Close Shot – This method allows you to show off your fish's colors, a unique pattern, or even your new net. @brooke_april_art

Up Close Shot


The Half In / Half Out - A great way to play with depth of field and show the size of your fish without taking it out of the water. @cameron.cush

Half In - Half Out - Cameron Cush


The Release - Get your fishing partner to snap a few shots of your release. Sometimes this is the best way to capture your fish's size. If you have a waterproof cell phone or camera case, this is your time to shine.  @jenny_tates

>The Release - Jenny Tate


Getting the Hero Shot

There's nothing wrong with wanting to show off your perfect cast or your new rod in action! Here are a few tips to make sure you get the perfect photo to showcase your skills.

Tell A Story - Not every hero shot has to be mid cast. Think about the little moments that make up a great, or even just eventful, day on the water. @thedelphibonefishclub

Tell A Story


Get Low - If you're on the water you might as well get up close and personal. Taking a photo from a lower vantage point makes for some pretty epics angles. @fruitsnackzach

Get Low


Photo Bursts - Capturing an action shot is pretty hard to do. Thanks to smartphones and photo bursts you can capture pictures faster than ever! @trey_mullen

Fishing By Yourself?

Not having a fishing partner can make it harder to get good shots but here are a few tips you can use to get a great shot without the help of a friend.

Self-timer - Get your phone or camera set on a steady (dry) surface and start your timer! @thebugparade

Self-timer Example


Change your angle - Take some shots from your perspective to capture your day. @flyfishinbassman 

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