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Get Involved

Get Involved

Fly Fishers International is working hard on your behalf as the voice of fly fishers around the world. We do this through our education, conservation and community outreach programs. Our vision is to insure the legacy of fly fishing continues so that all can experience the joy that can only be realized with fly rod in hand.

FFI has several groups within our organization who are working in different areas of the sport. Want to connect or learn more about what we do?


Join this community of fly fishers and discover the joy of fly fishing. Join Us!


Clubs and councils around the world offer many opportunities for volunteer activities. Most clubs have ongoing conservation and education programs providing members many opportunities to learn, develop and share their fly fishing experiences with others. Use the following link to volunteer with a club near you. Click here to find a council or club in your area.

Tell a Friend

Fly Fishers International is dedicated to bringing people to our quiet sport. Mentoring is central to our outreach!  We are encouraging all members to sponsor someone new to become a member of Fly Fishers International during 2017. Each new member you introduce to FFI, will be credited to your local club for funding to support local conservation and education projects. Make sure to identify for your local club or council on the membership application form. Join Us!


Ensure the legacy and history of fly fishing will continue through a one-time or monthly donation to support our important work in conservation and education through the programs offered by Fly Fishers International.

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