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Fly Casting Education Program (FCEP)


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Becoming a Casting Instructor Requires Financial Commitment



Fly Fishers International (FFI) has developed a professional program that is internationally known and is the only professional fly fishing certification available in most countries including the United States.  As with any professional organization there are normally fees associated with becoming a member. A financial commitment is required on the candidate's part to become a casting instructor.  Fees associated with the program include examination fee, pass fee and yearly renewal fee.  In addition the instructor must continue to be a member of the Fly Fishers International.

This refund policy was approved by the Executive Committee of the FFI Board of Directors on March 21, 2018 and was effective immediately upon approval.


Examination Fees  & Refund Policy  

Examinations fees can vary from $350 to $450 depending on the location/event you are taking the exam.  Please read the Casting Exam Refund Policy before you sign up for an exam.  

FFI does NOT provide an interpreter at events.  The candidate is responsible for securing and paying for those services if he/she feels it is necessary to pass the examination.  Occassionally, an examiner who is fluent in other languages will attend the event, so we recommend you check with the event organizer prior to securing that service.

Please do not register for an event until you are confident you are ready to take the examination.  Following is the refund policy of FFI.

Refund Policy

1. Once registered, re-scheduling of the test is not allowed. Candidates may register for an exam event up to 60 days prior to the event. Those wishing to register within 60 days of the event must contact the Local Coordinator for approval. All reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate all candidates.

2. A processing fee of $30.00 is non-refundable for all candidates who register.

3. There will be NO refunds of examination and event fees to candidates once paid for either North American or International events UNLESS there is a replacement candidate who is willing to purchase the slot. This allows for predictable budgeting and timely travel purchases by examiners.

4. If a replacement candidate is found, the original candidate will be given a full refund (examination and event fee) minus a $30 cancellation fee which covers administration costs.

5. Exam registrations are not transferable. Candidates may be replaced at an event only with the approval of the local coordinator and the chair of the respective committee managing the event. Replacement of a candidate must not create a budget deficit for the event and must fit with the number and validation level of the attending examiners. If a replacement candidate is found, the original candidate will be given a full refund minus the cancellation fee of $30 to cover processing costs of registration. The replacement candidate must pay the fee for their intended exam and any administrative fees associated with the event. Replacement candidates MUST be “like for like”: CI for CI, MCI for MCI, THCI for THCI, THMCI for THMCI to cause minimal disruption of schedule or budget.

6. If an event is cancelled or postponed by FFI, for any reason, there will be a full refund of examination fees. FFI is not responsible for any other expenses, i.e. travel costs, which the candidate might incur in the event of such an occurrence.

7. For CI candidates and those that use the Challenge Program please refer to the Test Administration Procedure.

8.Exceptions to the refund policy may be requested. Requests should be submitted prior to the date of the event by the candidate in writing to the Chair of the respective Committee for consideration. The decision of the Chair of the respective committee is final. The event fee (aka test administration fee) will not be refunded. This will apply to private exams as well as exam events.

Ongoing CICP Recertification Fees
Continued membership in FFI is required to maintain certification. Recertification fees are due yearly.

FFI is not responsible for any other expenses, i.e. travel costs, that the candidate might incur in the event of such an occurrence.


Links for More Information 

Testing Calendar (provides specific dates and details)

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Membership & Casting Renewal Options 

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Questions About the Program 

Please direct all inquiries the to the Casting Coordinator:


Telephone:  406-222-9369