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Education Grants Available

Leadership in fly fishing education is a major objective of Fly Fishers International.  FFI is always seeking to improve fly fishing education in program content, instruction techniques, reaching new audiences, and new program settings.

FFI offers an Education Grant Program, administered by the FFI Education Committee, to encourage and support innovation in fly fishing education.  It is through these grants of funds to members, clubs, and councils for local education projects that FFI and its members practice and demonstrate our commitment to promoting fly fishing education.


The priority in approval of grants will be on innovation, e.g., development of new programs, major improvements in existing programs, development of new audiences, program start-up efforts, and related equipment requirements.

The FFI Education Grant Program does not provide majority funding of programs.  The requesting organization should be prepared to fund 50% or more of the program expense.  This is an indicator of the requesting organization’s commitment to the effort.

After completing the plan funded by the grant, a report must be submitted to the FFI Education Committee summarizing the results of the effort, lessons learned in the process, identification of what should have been done differently, and how the results will continue to benefit the sport of fly-fishing.

Funding for FFI Education grants is limited, making it essential that approved grants have high potential to benefit the fly-fishing community.  Grant requests for maintenance and support of existing educational programs are not encouraged.  Continuing funding for existing educational efforts of FFI councils and clubs, and related organizations, should be provided by these organizations.

Submission Information

Requests for Education Grant funding may be submitted to FFI headquarters by mail or email to

Grants are awarded annually in May, and requests should be submitted before February 28 to provide time for evaluation and approval.  A copy of the application form follows. 

Completed grant requests are:

  1. Submitted to the FFI Education Coordinator for initial review of completion according to guidelines.
  2. Forwarded to the FFI Education Committee for review and approval consistent with FFI education objectives.
  3. Approved requests are forwarded to the FFI Executive Committee for final approval, after which funds are disbursed.

Download Guidelines

Click here to download a copy of these guidelines.

Application Form

Click here for the fillable PDF version of application form to complete and submit to the FFI Education Coordinator.  You must download the form to your local computer and save to your files in order for the fillable form field to work properly.

Click here to use the online application form.  Please be prepared to complete the form in one session.  We recommend that you review the PDF version to make sure you can answer all the questions necessary before beginning the online process.


Please direct your questions to the Education Coordinator.

Phone:  406-222-9369