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FFI Online Grant Application Form

Fly Fishers International administers three grant programs.  You can find more information about the grant program you are interested in by using the links below:

Once you have reviewed the criteria and collected all the information you need, please return to this page to complete the online application.

Section I - Contact Information

Organization Name & Address Applying for Grant (check will be mailed here)

If yes, 501c3 documentation is not required. If no, please continue to next question.

Project Leaders

Section II - Project Information

Section III - Media Plan

Media Plan (If your grant is approved, a press release will be required to promote your project and grant funding. Please list a minimum of 4 media outlets that the press release would be distributed to. Two of these outlets can be include Council and club newsletters, websites, or Facebook pages.)

Media Outlet 1

Media Outlet 2

Media Outlet 3

Media Outlet 4

Section IV - Budget

Project Cost and Sources Dollars

Required Information from Council (to be completed by Council President of Council Conservation VP)

CONSERVATION & EDUCATION GRANTS ONLY ---  FFI HQ encourages Councils to provide a matching grant in order for this project to be approved. Matching grant can be in the form of a monetary donation or in-kind services, including volunteer hours. All in-kind donations must be well-documented and a report provided at project completion.

Council or Fly Tying Group Approval.
The FFI Council in your region or the Fly Tying Group Youth Education Committee is required to approve your application prior to submittal. Please provide the name, e-mail, and phone of the Council President, Vice President, or Committee member who has approved your application.