Change of Direction
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Change of Direction

What does it mean...change of direction?

It's exactly as the name implies. Read on or download our lesson on Change of Direction to learn more. Our Learning Center is the place for fly fishing education, and FFI members get tips from our experts in casting, tying, and more. Not a member? Join Now to get access to our full fly casting lesson library. 


What is a change of direction cast?

Change of direction casts are modifications of other casts that allow the presentation of the fly from a starting position to a finishing position that is generally several degrees to 180 degrees from the starting position. This is measured from the caster with lines to the start and finish targets. For example, a Pick-up and Lay-down cast to the same target would have 0 degrees change of direction. Picking up, false casting multiple times, and moving the target 20 feet to the left, we would measure the angle as a line from the caster to the starting position and from the caster to the finishing position.

Keys to change of direction

» Back cast 180 degrees from intended target

» Smaller changes are generally easier to control

» Use the appropriate cast to achieve the necessary change


Small Change, Pick-Up and Lay-Down:

The steps of this cast are the same as the Pick-up and Lay-down (see Pick-up and Lay-down Cast module). It requires that the line lies in a straight line in front of you on the water with the rod tip held low. Decide where you want your cast to go and make sure you face the target. Point the rod at the target. Smoothly accelerate 180 degrees away from your target and stop in the backcast letting the loop unroll. Then accelerate to a stop in the front toward the target and lower the rod tip to the water as the fly line falls.e Lesson

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