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FFI Awards Nomination Submission Form

This page contains the form needed to nominate for all awards.  All awards may not be given each year.  Please click here to determine which awards will be given in any given year. 

The form below is used to nominate people or FFI clubs for various awards that are given by Fly Fishers International.  Please be prepared to fill out the form and upload the supporting documents for the nominee.  Supporting documents should be uploaded as a PDF file that is less than 5 mb.  You can upload two (2) files of that size.

Select the award and the criteria will appear.  You should match the nominee's qualifications to the criteria.  You can review the criteria and past recipients by clicking here

If you have questions please send an e-mail to

Award Nomination Form

Please provide your contact information

Nominee Information

The image will be used in our Award Program materials. It should be a high resolution image of 300 dpi or greater, no less than 400 pixels wide.

Qualification Summary

Please write a short summary of the nominee’s merits and adherence to the criteria of the award.

Attach Additional Documentation (if needed)

Award nominations can be submitted with additional information to supplement the Qualification Summary above, supporting letters and other documents you feel are important to consider. You can upload two files of supporting documents. Files should be in PDF format not exceeding 5 megabytes in size for each file.  Please attach them to this submission.

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