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FFI Awards Procedures

The Fly Fishers International Awards Program recognizes those individuals, Clubs and other organizations that have made outstanding contributions to FFI, our environment, fishery resources, angling literature and the fly tackle industry.

This page contains the procedures for all awards.  Please click here to determine which awards will be given in any given year. 


Awards & Nominating Committee

The FFI Board of Directors' Awards & Nominating Committee is responsible for the selecting recipients and presenting the nominees to the Board of Directors for final approval.  There shall be at least five (5) FFI members on the the committee, three (3) of which must be current members of the FFI Board of Directors.

Nomination Deadline & Online Submissions

The Awards & Nominating Committee will announce that awards nominations are being accepted and which awards will be accepted.  Deadline for submitting award nominations is April 1 of each year.  All nominations must be submitted using the online nomination form which can be found by clicking here.

Advisory Committees

The Awards Committee Chair, at his/her discretion, may form Advisory Committees comprised of past award winners, senior advisors or other qualified individuals to make recommendations to the committee as a whole of potential award recipients who may have been overlooked in the past, or have not been previously nominated. These committees would follow the same procedure for nominations as specified below except that in the case that no nominations are received in any particular category by the nomination deadline, the Awards Committee Chair may request the Advisory Committee to submit recommendations before the Awards Committee conference call.

Awards Committee Charge

The Awards Committee duty is to uphold the integrity of the Awards Program. It is not necessary for the Committee to present awards in each category every year, rather the committee should present the awards to individuals or groups that best meet the published criteria. If the Committee feels that there is a person or group that is truly deserving of one on FFI Awards, the Committee may at its prerogative nominate such a person or group during their conference call. The Awards Committee will make final decisions on all nominations to be forwarded to the Board of Directors for final approval.

Program Schedule

The schedule for the implementation of the Awards Program is as follows:
  • May 15th Distribution of Nominations to the Awards & Nominating Committee
  • Late May Notification of Recipients (if deemed necessary)
  • After Fly Fishing Expo Press release about recipients to FFI Media Contacts
  • Annual Board Awards Banquet
  • After the banquet, article to Flyfisher and webmaster

Nominations and Documentation

It is important that each nomination is well documented. The decision on each of these Awards can be very difficult and the more information the Awards Committee has will make the task easier. All nominations must include the following information:

  • Nominations and supporting letters should be submitted to the awards committee chair by via the online submission form.  Each nomination should contain no more than two electronic files that are no more than 5MB each.  Please upload the documents in a PDF format.
  • Full name of the nominee - individual or Club/Group.
  • Address of the nominee - street, city, state, zip code.
  • Phone number and e-mail address of the nominee.
  • Age of the nominee (optional)
  • A short summary of the nominee's merits and adherence to the criteria of the award should be included in the letter of nomination.  This summary will form the basis for any press release or article and should be less than one page.
  • Documentation of individual awards should include detailed documentation of adherence to the criteria of the specific award. Letters of support from other individuals or groups are advisable. It shall be the responsibility of the individuals or organization making the nomination to provide proper documentation. Nominations without proper documentation may not be considered.
  • Only one nomination per submission.
  • NOTE: Self nominations will not be accepted. Nominations for club related awards should come from their home council.

Routing of Nominations

Many awards, regardless of classification, are reviewed and recommended by various Committees within FFI.  Some awards are selected solely by the Committee and designated below.  Nominations are to routed to the Awards & Nominating Committee chairperson for distribution to the appropriate Committee. The following awards and appropriate routing is listed below:

FFI Executive Committee
FFI Award of Distinction - selected solely by the Executive Committee of FFI
Council Leadership Award (Board Award)

Casting Board of Governors
Lifetime Achievement in Fly Casting Instruction Award, Mel Krieger Fly Casting Instructor Award
Jay Gammel, Floyd Franke, Governor's Mentoring Award, Governor's Pin (Committee Awards)

Conservation Committee
FFI Conservation, Silver King, Leopold (Board Awards)
Stanley Lloyd Conservation, Robert J. Marriott Scholarship, James A. Henshall, Environmental Conservation (Committee Awards)

Education Committee
Fly Fishing Education (Board Award)
Scott Sanditen (Committee Award)

Fly Tying Group
Buz Buszek Fly Tying Memorial, Dick Nelson Fly Tying Teaching, Darwin Atkin Fly Tying Memorial (Board Awards)
Virginia Buszek Perry Fly Tier's Assistance Award (selected by Expo Tying Chair)


If an award is not listed above, the recipient is selected at the sole discretion of the Awards & Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors with final approval required by the Board.  Any monetary award or scholarship that is granted must be approved by the Board of Directors.



Awards are classified into three categories, Achievement, Memorials and Scholarships.  Summary of Awards for each of the recipients will be provide as follows:

Board Awards of Achievement (recipients in this section will be recognized at the FFI Board Awards Banquet)
  • FFI Award of Distinction - The recipient will receive a special handcrafted pin with a Lapis stone inset into an FFI logo and a special gift.
  • McKenzie Cup - Recipient will receive a certificate with a reproduction of the McKenzie Cup on it and the Club's name will be engraved on the McKenzie Cup for display at the FFI Museum in Livingston, Montana.
  • Flyfisher of the Year Award - Recipients will receive a special FFI pin and a suitable gift. (i.e.: gift certificate or fly rod)
  • FFI Fly Fishing Skills Education Award - Recipient will receive a certificate.
  • Buz Buszek Memorial Award - Recipient will receive a special pin and a certificate. Their name will be engraved on a master plaque on display at the FFDC in Livingston, Montana. 
  • Dick Nelson Fly Tying Teaching Award - Recipient will receive a certificate.
  • Darwin Atkin Award - Recipient will receive a certificate and a Lifetime Membership in FFI or the Fly Tying Group. 
  • Lee Wulff Award - Recipient will receive a certificate.
  • Roderick Haig-Brown Award - Recipient will receive a certificate.
  • Ambassador Award- Recipient will receive a certificate.
  • FFI Conservation Award - Recipient will receive a certificate.
  • FFI Leopold Conservation Award - Recipient will receive a certificate.
  • Silver King Award - Recipient will receive a certificate.
  • Council Leadership Award - Recipient will receive a certificate.


Committee Awards of Achievement (will be recognized at a meeting time and place selected by the Committee)

Conservation Committee

  • Dr. James A. Henshall Award - Recipient will receive a certificate.
  • Stanley Lloyd Conservation Award - Recipient will receive a certificate.


Casting Board of Governors 

All recipients will receive a certificate.  Additional gift is denoted as well.

  • Lifetime Achievement in Fly Casting Instruction Award - accompanied by a pin
  • Mel Krieger Fly Casting Instructor Award
  • Governor's Pins - accompanied by a pin
  • Governor's Mentoring Award
  • Floyd Franke Award for Contributions to CICP
  • Jay Gammel for Fly Casting Instruction Award


Council Awards

  • Council Award of Excellence - Recipients will receive an engraved pewter stein with FFI logo attached.


Memorial Awards (Board-designated & only given if funds available)

  • Memorial Life Membership Awards - ONLY GIVEN IF FUNDS AVAILABLE. Recipients will receive a FFI Life Membership with all its benefits along with a certificate.



Conservation Committee

  • Robert J. Marriott Scholarship Grant - Recipient will receive a monetary grant of $500.
  • Stanley Lloyd Conservation Award - Recipient will receive a monetary grant.
  • LaFontaine Aquatic Entomology Scholarship - Recipient will receive a monetary grant.


Education Committee

  • Scott Sanditen Youth Education Fund - Recipient will receive a monetary grant.


Fly Tying Group

  • The Virginia Buszek Perry Fly Tiers Assistance Award - Recipient will receive at $250 award to travel to the annual event.

How to Submit a Nomination


FFI Award Nomination Form (online submission)

Darwin Atkin Memorial Fly Tying Achievement Award (PDF)