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FFI Recognizes Contributors to Conservation

Fly Fishers International Awards Program has been developed to recognize those individuals, clubs and other organizations who have made outstanding contributions to FFI, our environment, fishery resources, angling literature and the fly tackle industry.

Each year at the Fly Fishing Expo, awards are given to various individuals and groups who exemplify the mission and values of FFI. We take these awards seriously, following clearly defined procedures and criteria. If you would like to nominate someone based on their contributions to our sport, please complete the Award Nominations Form. Deadline for nominations is April 1 of each year.

Click the links below to access information and form needed to nominate an individual or business. Questions may directed to Operations Manager, FFI Awards Adminstrator.

FFI Award Procedures
     FFI Awards Criteria
  FFI Award Nomination Form

FFI Conservation Award

An award or awards, to an individual, group or organization that has made extraordinary contributions to the conservation of our fisheries resources. The criteria are as follows:

  • The individual, group or organization need not be affiliated with the FFI.
  • Eligible for this award would be individuals, national or local Clubs, groups or organizations and national or state departments or agencies.
  • This award should be based upon a single outstanding contribution or on a continuous prominent effort promoting conservation.
  • The individual, group or organization should not have previously won the award.
  • This award need not be an annual award, but would be given on an "as merited" basis.
  • Extraordinary contributions are those that are superior and conspicuous in relation to others and consistent with the philosophies of the FFI.

All nominations will be routed by the Awards Chair to the VP Conservation for evaluation of each nominee and the VP Conservation will make recommendations to the Awards Committee. 


Leopold Conservation Award

An award presented to an individual for outstanding contributions to fisheries and land ecology. The criteria is as follows:

  • The person should have followed in his/her career work an adherence to the land ethic espoused by Aldo Leopold, and demonstrated by Aldo Leopold, Luna Leopold and A. Starker Leopold and the other Leopold family members: a recognition of the value of all ecosystem parts, not only fish and wildlife but all biotic and abiotic components that are an integral part of it.
  • Membership in the Fly Fishers International is not a requirement for this award.

All nominations will be routed by the Awards Chair to the VP Conservation for evaluation of each nominee and the VP Conservation will make recommendations to the Awards Committee. 


Robert J. Marriott's Scholarship Grant

A cash grant in the amount of $500.00 given annually to a deserving student in undergraduate or graduate biology or similar field who is specializing in fishery management, cold or warm waters, fresh water or salt. Application is to be made to the Awards Chair detailing academic background and overview of postgraduate work. Applications will be forwarded to VP Conservation for review and recommendations to the Awards Committee for final decision. 


Stanley Lloyd Conservation Award

A club award for FFI clubs working on projects. Can be a current or future project as long as it is "fishery related conservation enhancement and preservation". The criteria are as follows:

  • Applicants/nominees must be active FFI affiliated Clubs.
  • Award is for a completed or planned project which is fishery related conservation, enhancement and preservation.
  • The Club is to provide "matching funds" for the project of at least 50% of the total value of the project; matching funds may be on an in kind basis (i.e.: donated time)
  • More than one award is limited annually to the amount of interest earned on the fund - the principal is restricted.

The award is to be made based upon the recommendations of the VP Conservation provided to the Awards Committee who will make the final decision. 


Dr. James A. Henshall Warm Water Fisheries Award

This award is made in memory of Dr. James A. Henshall for his many contributions to warm water fisheries. This award may be made to an individual, a club, a group or other organization for extraordinary achievements in conservation of warm water fisheries. This annual award is made to an individual or organization for an outstanding fishery management plan for a pond, stream, lake or reservoir that makes a significant contribution to the protection, restoration or enhancement of a warm water fishery.

Application should be made to the Awards Chair who will forward them to the Warm Water Committee for their recommendation for an individual or a club to be nominated for the award, each must be a member of the Federation in good standing, a group or organization, such as the Smallmouth Bass Alliance which covers several states, need not be a Federation affiliate.

Criteria for the individual nominee will include published articles and books related to the warm water fisheries. Such should include fish habitat, developed fishing techniques for various species, promotion and practice of fishing ethics to include "Catch and Release". Additionally, the individual nominee should have initiated and directed a warm water fisheries conservation project.

An affiliated club must initiate and participate in a warm water fisheries conservation project to be considered for this award. Application should be made to the Awards Chair who will forward them to the Warm Water Committee for their recommendation.



Please direct your questions to the Awards Chairman Herb Kettler.