Casting Committees
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CBOG Committees, Chairs and Members

Board of Governors Executive Committee

Jonathan Walter - Chair
Gail Gallo - Secretary

Dave Barron
Willy George
Brian Henderson
Bryan Martin
Todd Somsel




Jim Schneider, Chair

Dave Barron
Jeff Ferguson
Willy George

Continuing Education
Gail Gallo, Chair
Dave Cleaves
Phil Gay

Exam Committee (All Tests)
Sekhar Bahadur, Chair

Thomas Berggren - THMCI Team Lead
Brian Henderson - MCI Lead
Bryan Martin
Molly Semenik - CI Lead
Todd Somsel
Rick Williams - THCI Lead

Examiner Review Committee
Todd Somsel, Chair
Steve Hollensed
Bryan Martin

International Events Committee
Brian McGlashan, Co-Chair

Jonathan Walter, Co-Chair
Thomas Berggren
Brian Henderson
Tomonori "Bill" Higashi
Brian McGlashan
Bernd Wiesbauer
Hank Wu
Rick Williams - Advisor

The Loop
Jim Wigington, Editor-in-Chief
Mac Brown, Associate Editor
Paul Brown, Associate Editor
Bruce Richards, Associate Editor
Chuck Iossi, Associate Editor
Bintoro Tedjosiswoyo, Graphic Design


Budget & Finance
, Chair

CICP Documents Committee
Gail Donoghue Gallo

Examiner Development Pathway (EDP) Committee
Jeff Ferguson, Chair
Mark Huber
Brian Henderson
Todd Somsel (Chair, ERC)
Jonathan Walter (Chair, CBOG)
Bruce Williams
Rick Williams, Senior Advisor

North American Events Committee
Dave Barron, Chair
Jeff Ferguson
Keith Richard
Tom Rueping
Jim Wigington
Gail Donoghue Gallo
Paul Gallo
JF Lavallee

Professional Conduct Committee
Gail Gallo, Chair
Mark Huber
Todd Somsel
Simon Zarifeh