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Casting Instructor Certification Program

Financial Commitment

FFI's Casting Instructor Certification Program comes with a financial commitment which includes an examination fee, a pass fee, and an annual renewal fee.   The fees collected support the examiner's expenses as well as the on-going operations of the program.

Casting Instructor Certification Program

Examinations fees can vary from $350 to $500 depending on the location/event you are taking the exam.  Please read the Casting Exam Refund Policy before you sign up for an exam.

Pass fee - maximum $50 (includes the first year of your fee to be in the program)  

1 Year - $45 (renewal rates once you become a Certified Casting Instructor)

Please visit our casting information page to get details about how to become a CERTIFIED CASTING INSTRUCTOR

Must be a current FFI member to maintain certification status.