Certification Challenge Program
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Certification Challenge Program 

The Casting Board of Governors (CBOG) Executive committee has approved a program that recognizes other casting instructor's certification process.  It is called the Certification Challenge Program for Masters (CCP - MCI) and Two-Handed (CCP - THCI) and is formalized in the memo below from Bruce Richards, then Chair of the CBOG, to other organizations with recognized fly casting instruction programs and instructor qualification requirements.

Memo : Bruce Richards, Chair CBOG;                                                          June 9, 2008 

The current state of angling instruction worldwide is the best it’s ever been, largely due to efforts of programs like yours, and ours. The benefits of having good instructors available to the public are many, but include more emphasis on the preservation of our fishing resources, a boost to local businesses, both in the fishing trade and out, and more enjoyment of our sport, of course.

We sincerely respect the impact your organization has made and would like to offer your instructors a benefit they may appreciate. As you know, the FFF has three levels of fly casting instructor certification, CI (Certified Casting Instructor) and MCI (Master Certified Casting Instructor) and THCI (Two-handed Casting Instructor). Passing our CI test is a prerequisite for taking our MCI test. Passing the CI written examination is a prerequisite to taking the THCI test. While we have been present in several countries outside the U.S. for some time, demand for our program internationally has grown significantly in recent years.

Our respective programs are somewhat different, tailored to local wants and needs and molded by regional techniques, history, and politics. Each program has distinct merits and fills a specific niche. However, we feel that that state of instruction worldwide can be improved with more cross-certified instructors, and that is the reason for this letter.

In response to the high demand for FFF certifications by members of other organizations internationally, and as a professional courtesy; we offer your certified instructors the right to by-pass the prerequisite of taking our CI test. This applies should they wish to take our MCI test or THCI test.

We know that you have a high quality program and it makes little sense to us to make your certified instructors take a basic level test to qualify to take the higher-level test, should they wish to add a FFF MCI or THCI certification to their hard-earned credentials. Recognition of your certifications as credit toward the FFF MCI, streamlines the process for your members and reduces their costs. However, it should be noted that the FFF MCI test is difficult, and is heavily weighted toward the candidate’s ability to instruct. Therefore, it may be advantageous for candidates to consider taking the FFF CI test first.

It is to our sports advantage to have instructors who are well rounded and who belong to as many organizations as possible. In this way, their students will derive benefit from the instructor’s vast experience.

We have no interest beyond what is stated above, we think there is inherent benefit in having instructors cross-certified.  Although our offer stands regardless, we would be pleased if you would consider offering our instructors a reciprocal arrangement.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this offer; please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

List of recognized non-North American organizations

     APGAI - Ireland

FFI Casting Board of Governors Chairman

Current contact information for the CBOG Chairman can be found by clicking here.

Testing Calendar

For more information and to view current testing schedule:

     CICP Testing Calendar 

Fees for the Certification Challenge Program

A) The Candidate must pay the FFI Membership fee if not already a member

B) Masters or THCI test fee $275.00 (same as current program) plus

C) Masters or THCI pass fee to send in with paperwork of $50.00.

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Please contact the Casting Coordinator at casting@flyfishersinternational.org or call 406-222-9369.