Master Certification Invitation Program (MCIP)
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Fly Fishers International Master Certification Invitation Program (MCIP)

In 2021 FFI introduced a new entry level Two Hand exam, the THCI, and modified its previous Two Hand exam to become the THMCI, which continues to be a master’s level exam.  This mirrors our entry level Single Hand CI exam and the Single-Hand MCI master’s exam.  

The FFI Casting Board of Governors approved the updated and renamed Master Certification Invitation Program (MCIP), (formerly the “Challenge Program”) to encourage Single and Two Hand instructors from casting organizations including those listed below to take the FFI master level MCI and THMCI Exams, respectively, without first having to take the corresponding CI and THCI entry level exams. Candidates eligible for our advanced exams through the MCIP program are not required to take the CI or THCI Written Exams or attend the corresponding Candidate Teaching Workshops.

List of recognized non-North American organizations

     APGAI - Ireland

If your organization is not listed and you wish to be considered for the MCIP, please email the FFI casting coordinator

Testing Calendar

If no suitable events appear on the calendar, please feel free to contact either the casting coordinator or one of the FFI examiners listed here, who are of course also available to help with pre-tests and other exam preparation.

     CICP Testing Calendar 

Fees for the Master Certification Invitation Program

A) Must be FFI Member, $35/year membership fee.  If not a member, join here.

B) MCI or THMCI exam fee $275.00. When required additional event fee may be charged.

C) Pass fee for successful candidates; prorated amount based on FFI membership expiration date.

Signup or Questions regarding MCIP

Please contact the Casting Coordinator at or call 406-222-9369.