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Blog (Retired)

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FFI Attends The Fly Fishing Shows

Posted on 1/29/2020 by Fly Fishers International

Activities planned by FFI at the Fly Fishing Shows deemed a success.

Thousands of people who attend the Fly Fishing Shows experience our dedicated volunteers delight in sharing their skills at the Learning Center, whether its tying a fly, helping a Boy Scout learn a skill for his/her merit badge or conducting the Casting Skills Challenge.  We thank all of our volunteers and those who have attended the shows.  We had some special reports from three of our events, shared below.

Report from Edison NJ Fly Fishing Show

The FFI Reception at the Edison Fly Fishing Show was a great success. Over 80 folks attended, exceeding expectations. Patrick Berry delivered an inspiring presentation on FFI mission, accomplishments, and future vision. The majority of the attendees were FFI members, though there were many in the audience who were interested in our organization.

For many of the FFI members and clubs, this was their first chance to interact with other FFI members and clubs. During the social gathering, clubs got to know each other. Clubs learned from each other and exchanged on programs that worked (such as the PHWFF and Mayfly project for youth). Invitations were made for inter-club fishing trips. Ideas were shared for club/club and council-wide events.

In a special quiet moment, a senior FFI veteran gathered the Lake Erie Chapter members together and presented them with a "challenge coin" (a deep military tradition of honor) in recognition of their work with Healing Waters.

A number of fly fishing luminaries joined the reception including Gary Borger, Jeff Currier, Landon Meyer, Jason Randall, Ed Engle, Mac Brown, Chuck Furimsky, and Ben Furimsky, and many others.

Attendees also included many leaders in FFI, including FFI Fly Tying chair - Jerry Coviello, William Ciaurro -NE council president, at least one of Casting Board of Governor and national BOD member, along with many other leaders at national, council and local levels.

The attendees included 10-12 international FFI members from Canada (Montreal and Quebec).

Fly Fishing Show leader Ben Furimsky shared with me that he was pleased with the reception and welcomed FFI to do this annually.

By Kirk Klingensmith, Eastern Waters Council


Report from Pleasanton CA Fly Fishing Show

The show  and club lunch were big successes at the Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton, CA.  The Northern California Council signed up 36 new FFI members, hosted about 40 at President’s lunch, and 5 clubs signed up for deeper discussion on helping on the Council's Board of Directors.  All good news.  Frank Rinella, Gerry Ng, Clay Hash, Willy George & Carl Ronk we’re keys to the success, with Frank the leader for all booth actions.  Good people make all the difference.  Great team effort.

Mark Rockwell, President - Northern California Council


Report from Lynnwood WA Fly Fishing Show

The show went well very well and we had lots of people Saturday morning, but the rest of the time was a bit slower than last year.  We signed up 21 new members and 3 renewals at the show.  The majority of people elected to pay full price for membership when we offered a dozen flies rather than take the $20 Show Deal.  Larry Gibbs designed this program quite some time ago and it is very successful.  Thanks to Larry for helping us get more people involved in WSC FFI.

Bill Wheeler, Washington State Council


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