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Blog (Retired)

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NY Times Reports on Women in Fly Fishing

Posted on 12/17/2017 by Fly Fishers International in Organizational Announcements

Jen Ripple, FFI Board Member and publisher of Dun Magazine, was interviewed for an article in the New York Times about women in fly fishing. Read what she had to say.

Jen Ripple stated "I had the privilege of being contacted by John Clarke of The New York Times, who was interested in learning more about women in fly fishing. Today, women’s groups are popping up around the world as women take the out of doors. Working alongside DUN Magazine are initiatives like 50/50 On the Water initiated by Orvis, the Women’s Initiative by Trout Unlimited, and Women’s Showcase at The Fly Fishing Show, along with so many other great organizations; all with the goal of getting and keeping women on the water. These initiatives are working and today we see women are the largest growing demographic in our sport. With the help of Keep America Fishing, the Outdoor Industry Association, and the Special Report on Fishing, we found statistics to back what we already knew. Women love to fly fish and are entering the sport in amazing numbers."

To read the entire story click the link below:


Fly Fishers International has its own women's initiative called Women Connect, a program that offers 2-day educational workshops presented at the International Fly Fishing Fair. The organization is also developing workshops within its Learning Center that will focus on women fly fishers.