Personal Conservation
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Personal Conservation

Conservation starts with our own personal behavior

To paraphrase Terry Pratchett, “This presentation was assembled using 100% recycled words.” Even though the words are recycled, we hope the quotations, ideals, photos and background will combine in a way that provoke thought and action.  Find out by downloading the presentation in PDF form to get started. The FFI Learning Center has many resources to help you on your journey as a flyfisher.  Members of FFI get full access to all the materials.  Not a member? Join now to access our incredible resource.

What is the meaning of conservation?

1. the act of conserving; prevention of injury, decay, waste, or loss; preservation: conservation of wildlife; conservation of human rights.

2. official supervision of rivers, forests, and other natural resources in order to preserve and protect them through prudent management.

3. a district, river, forest, etc., under such supervision.

4. the careful utilization of a natural resource in order to prevent depletion.

5. the restoration and preservation of works of art.

How can I play a role in conservation?

  • Choose the right equipment
  • Pack it out, leave the environment better then you found it
  • Clean your gear
  • Watch for invasive species and don't spread them
  • Know the special needs of the water being fished
  • And more!

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