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Fly Casting Education Program (FCEP)

CI Exam

The Casting Instructor Exam consists of the CI Exam Workshop, a Written Exam, and a Performance Exam.

The CI Exam Workshop is a moderated live group Zoom discussion of a teaching video candidates are given access to beforehand.  It is intended to be conducted well in advance of the Performance and Written Exams, if possible, but it may also be taken afterwards. Attendance fulfils the Workshop requirement.

The Written Exam comprises 36 multiple choice or true/false questions that cover casting mechanics, fly tackle, knots, and teaching.  Thirty correct answers are required to pass.

The Performance Exam comprises 15 casting demonstration tasks and 7 teaching tasks that are described in the CI Performance Test Evaluation Form.  The form is used by examiners to conduct the exam and to document their evaluation of a candidate’s casting and teaching abilities.  It includes performance expectations for individual tasks as well as general expectations and also describes equipment limitations and the test scoring system.

The CI Performance Test Evaluation Form is available in several languages: