CI Exam Preparation
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Fly Casting Education Program (FCEP)

CI Exam Preparation

Benefits of a Mentor

The pass rate among candidates who have worked with a mentor during their test preparation is much higher than it is among candidates who have not done so.  Mentors can help to develop a personalized test preparation plan and assess progress relative to the standards of both the performance test and the written test.  They will tell their candidates what to expect during a test and when their skills and knowledge are sufficient for testing.   You can find a mentor here.   Do not be discouraged if you cannot find a mentor who lives close by.  Modern video and communication technologies allow effective mentoring from afar.

Importance of a Performance Pre-Test

The experience of the Performance Exam is more than the sum of the exam tasks.  A Performance Pre-test is a simulated exam conducted by one or more MCIs who are familiar with how the exam is conducted and the performance standards required to pass.  Pre-tests provide an opportunity for candidates to experience actual exam situations and to get detailed feedback on their performance and readiness to take the CI Exam.  One or more positive pre-tests provide the most reliable indication of a candidate’s readiness to achieve CI Certification.

Study Materials

The CI Study Guide dated 1/5/2023 is now available. The Tips for the Performance and Teaching Tasks 1-22, (dated 11-7-2022) is available here and in the CI Study Guide.  The Learning Center casting videos and The Loop articles are a great resource. 


Answers to common questions about the CI Exam can be found here.